Manual Hydraulic Retriever Tool


The Manual Hydraulic Retriever Tool is a specialized device designed for extracting components in various industrial applications through a controlled hydraulic mechanism.


Introduction to Manual Hydraulic Retriever Tool

The Manual Hydraulic Retriever Tool is a specialized device designed for extracting components in various industrial applications through a controlled hydraulic mechanism. It operates manually, allowing precise manipulation of hydraulic force for the safe and efficient retrieval of parts. This tool is highly valued for its reliability and ease of use in situations where precise handling and positioning are critical.

Manual Hydraulic Retriever Tool

Manual Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic pumps typically do not require any special maintenance. However, when a pump is to be stored for a period after a series of operations, the following instructions should be followed:

Visual inspection.

Carry out a visual inspection of the pump and hydraulic hoses, ensuring that all parts are in good condition. Pay special attention to the following:

Hydraulic hoses. There should be no visible damage on the surface of the hydraulic hoses.
Quick-connect couplings. They should connect and disconnect easily, and should not have any external or internal damage.
Pressure gauge. The pressure gauge should be intact and responsive immediately to increases in pressure.

Replace the oil in the reservoir.

The hydraulic oil should be replaced because it may become contaminated with moisture or other liquids/gases in the pipes; this prevents potential internal corrosion of the pump that could occur later on.

Perform the following steps:

  • Completely empty the oil tank.
  • Fill the tank with new hydraulic oil.
  • Connect the hydraulic hose to the pump.
  • Unscrew the quick-connect couplings from the free end of the hydraulic hose.
  • Pump 10-20 strokes in both “RETRIEVE” and “INSTALL” modes, making sure that the new hydraulic oil flows through both hydraulic hoses.

Reattach the quick-connect couplings to the hydraulic hose.

If any further maintenance or repairs are needed (such as replacing seals), please refer to the “Spare Parts List” that comes with the pump. For any further maintenance or spare parts, contact the pump manufacturer directly.

Hydraumatic retrieval tool

Manual Hydraulic Pump Common Troubleshooting

  Fault Phenomenon    Reason   Handling Method
  Pump No Pressure


1. system leakage

2. the switch is not set properly

3. hydraulic oil internal leakage

1. Send to the factory for repair

2. Send to factory for repair

3. Check seal

  Handle lift1. Hydraulic oil internal leakage1. Check seal
  Pump No Oil



I. Too little oil

2. The inner filter is too dirty

3. Seal failure

1. Check fuel

2. Change filter

3. Send to the factory for repair

Insufficient pump pressure





1. Too little oil

2. Seal failure

3. The switch is not set properly

4. Premature relief valve operation

5. System leakage

1. Check fuel

2. Send to factory for repair

3. Send to factory for repair

4. Check the safety valve

5. Send to the factory for repair

The handle on the pump is weak1. system leakage1. Send to the factory for repair
The upper handle of the pump has an elastic action1. Air in the system

2. There is too much oil in the pump tank

1. Repeat the operation several times to remove air

2. Check fuel

Hydraulic retriever tool

Manual Hydraulic Retriever Tool Assembly List

2EMT-HRTV-000-2Hydraulic hollow shaft1
3EMT-HRTV-000-3Hydraulic solid shaft1
4EMT-HRTV-000-4Hammer nut1
5EMT-HRTV-000-5Connecting nut (locking nut)1
6EMT-HRTV-000-6Hydraulic inlet valve body1
7EMT-HRTV-000-8Supporting wheel1
8EMT-HRTV-000-7Valve stem1
9DEEDLE VAVLEAir release valve1
10Y60-1Pressure gage1
11EMT-HRTV-000-22Lock the seal ring1
12EMT-HRTV-000-19Hydraulic outlet quick connector1
13EMT-HRTV-000-16Hydraulic solid shaft locking nut1
14QF-11Hydraulic inlet quick connector1
15PTFE sealing ring1
16PTFE sealing ring1
17PTFE sealing ring1
18PTFE sealing ring1
19PTFE sealing ring1
21Needle valve seal ring1
22LS-8M8 inner hexagon bolt6
24M6 top wire6
28EMT-HRTV-000-13Detent ring1


In conclusion, the Manual Hydraulic Retriever Tool and its accompanying Manual Hydraulic Pump are essential instruments in industrial settings, facilitating the extraction and manipulation of components with precision and safety. Proper maintenance, including routine visual inspections and regular hydraulic fluid changes, ensures their reliability and extends their operational life. It is critical to adhere to these guidelines to maintain the tool’s functionality and to prevent downtime in industrial operations. Users must remain vigilant in observing the condition of their equipment and proactive in addressing any signs of wear or malfunction to uphold the highest standards of safety and efficiency in their work. If you have any needs, contact our EMT team.


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