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EMT’s intrusive pig indicator is a detection device designed for installation on pig launchers and receivers. Its primary function is to confirm the launch or arrival of a pig—a cleaning device used in pipelines.


Intrusive Pig Indicator

EMT’s intrusive pig indicator is a detection device designed for installation on pig launchers and receivers. Its primary function is to confirm the launch or arrival of a pig—a cleaning device used in pipelines. This versatile indicator can be installed anywhere along the pipeline, making it an effective pig detection system for all types of pipelines. To avoid plugging brought on by fluid exchange, our pig indicators use a distinctive magnetic system. This design not only eliminates the risk of seal leaks during action but also reduces maintenance due to the instrument’s trigger’s flexibility.

In terms of application, our pig indicators are suitable for pipe sizes of 2 inches and above. For a 2″ flange connection, the product’s design pressure range is from ANSI 150# to ANSI 2500#. For boss connections, the maximum design pressure is 10000 psi (69 mpa). The pig indicator is designed to operate optimally at temperatures between -20 ºC and +120 ºC. We also offer special seals for working temperatures outside this range.

For the installation of the flange connection pig indicator, pre-install a flange that meets the instrument’s installation mode and requirements on the pipeline. In other words, the flange specification, grade, distribution of mounting holes, etc. should all comply with ANSIB 16.5 standards or custom standards. The distance from the top surface of the flange to the inner wall of the pipe should align with the customized size.

Brand Name
EMT Piping clean
Product Name
Flag Pig Indicator with Flange
Flange Material
Stainless Steel 304、Stainless Steel 316、DSS F51、Carbon Steel A105N、Inconel 625
Flange Pressure
Operating Temperate

Pipeline Engineering Pig Signaller

Characteristics of Pig Indicators

Two types of pig indicators:

uni-directional trigger

bi-directional trigger

Three kinds of indicators are offered:

B Type_Manual reset flag
C­ Type_Manual reset flag combined with electrical switch output
D Type_Digital display combined with electrical switch output

Three types of mounting:

2″flange connection
2″welded nipple
2″welded base- NPT nipple connection

Configuration parameter

●      standard configuration○     Optional configurationNo
Trigger type

(b-bidirectional /f-bidirectional feather /u-u-unidirectional)



Flag trigger interagency interaction

(no / yes, the flexibility of the trigger mechanism can be checked online.)







Wetted part material


●                                                           /○/○
Flange/welding base material

(PTFE Coated A105N/304SS/316LSS/DSS/INCONEL)

(according to customers’ needs)


●   /○/○/○/○/○

Liquid level position in the machine

(high _ requires heat tracing / low _ does not require heat tracing)

Output junction box

(aluminum alloy /316ss)

—/—●   /○●   /○
Output switch


—/—○   /●○   /●
Switching capacity

(DC24V 3A/DC24V 5A)

—/—●   /○●   /—
Output interface size

(M20 × 1.5(F)/1/2″NPT(F))

—/—●   /○●   /—
Pressurized handling tools

(2 full thread studs / synchronous special tools)

●                                                                /○
Insertion depth adjustment range


Basic parameters of Pig Indicators


Display code







Instrument typeMechanical intrusive

Display features


Indicator, manual reset


The indicator flag is combined with the switch output and reset manually

Date and time digital display combined with switch output, automatic reset
Connection mode2 ″ flange, in accordance with ASME B16.5 (class150~1500) / threaded manifold


Insert body lengthAccording to customer needs
working temperature– 20 ~ 120 ℃ / according to customer needs
Meet NACE mr01-75Yes
Degree of protectionIP66
Explosion proof gradeExdⅡ BT4ExdⅡ BT4
Including isolation valveYes
Including bypass valveNo
Including drain valveYes
Loading and unloading under pressureYes (the whole machine is equipped with simple loading and unloading tools – 2 full thread studs)


Maintenance of the Pig Indicators

If you notice a leak at the bottom of the flange of the device, it is likely that the seal of the device has been breached. When this happens, the device needs to be removed and the seal replaced. For externally visible seals, they can be replaced directly. However, for internal seals, we recommend returning the device to the manufacturer for replacement. Before you begin removing the flange base from the non-pressurized pig indicator, it is critical to ensure that the pipe or system has been depressurized. This is a necessary safety measure to prevent accidents. If you are disassembling the mechanism of a pressurized through ball indicator with a ball valve, you will need to use the simple tool that comes with the device. For other pressurized, detachable pig indicators, special tools are required to remove them. Always make sure you have the proper tools on hand before attempting any maintenance tasks with the pig indicator.

Routine maintenance

Once the pig is installed on the pipe, maintenance is fairly simple. It is essential for the normal functioning of the indicators that the pig passes on a regular basis. If your Pig Signaller is not working as expected or has stopped working, we recommend that you review our user manual or get in touch with us for assistance

Flag operation

After each operation, ensure that the reset is accurate. Under normal circumstances, the flag should be locked in a low position before the pig passes. When the pig passes, the flag will be raised. The flag must be reset before the next pig passes.

Product leakage

If you notice any leaks around the flagpole, it’s most likely a problem with the pressure plug or O-ring. In this case, remove the pressure plug and replace the O-ring. If there is a possibility of contamination from products around the trigger, such as wax or sand, you should remove the pressure plug and clean the trigger chamber with warm soapy water or a mild solvent.

Pig Indicators

Our Service

At EMT, we offer a comprehensive range of pig indicators designed to meet diverse specifications and requirements. We are always available to help you find the solution that best suits your needs.

In a bid to demonstrate the superior quality of our products, we provide the option for clients to request sample units of our pig indicators.

Customer service is our top priority. Our team is always on standby to provide prompt feedback and address your inquiries regarding our pig indicators.

We work diligently to ensure the fastest possible delivery times so that you receive your orders promptly. Our online support is available 24/7, ensuring that we’re always there when you need us.

Packaging & Delivery

Our pig indicators are securely packaged in CASES, which offers several benefits:

  1. They are lightweight, neatly designed, provide insulation, and boast high strength without being prone to deformation.
  2. They negate the need for fumigation, thus making the shipping process more efficient.

Our commitment is to deliver top-quality EMT pig indicators promptly and efficiently, always prioritizing customer satisfaction.


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