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The Chemical Injection Quill is a crucial component in the maintenance of pipelines. It forms a key part of the Chemical Injection system, a vital apparatus that ensures the proper functioning and longevity of pipeline operations.


The Chemical Injection Quill is a crucial component in the maintenance of pipelines. It forms a key part of the Chemical Injection system, a vital apparatus that ensures the proper functioning and longevity of pipeline operations. This system introduces specific chemicals into the pipeline to prevent issues such as corrosion, fouling, and the buildup of unwanted substances. The Chemical Injection Quill, specifically, ensures that these chemicals are distributed evenly and in appropriate quantities. Alongside this, the sampler serves as an important end device for both the Chemical Injection system and the piping medium sampling system. It allows operators to extract and analyze samples, facilitating continuous monitoring and control of the pipeline system’s condition. This concurrent operation of the Chemical Injection Quill and sampler ensures optimal pipeline performance and longevity, making them indispensable tools in pipeline maintenance.

chemical quill

NameEMT Chemical Injection Quill
Material304SS, 316SS, DSS F51, DSS F53, DSS F55, Carbon Steel A105N, and also Inconel 625
Other materials can meet customer needs (Welcome to contact with us)
Operating Temperature-20±120 ℃
FeatureFirst, easy to operate
Second, high accuracy and long Life
At last, high-efficiency and low cost
AdvantagesFirst, they are lightweight and flexible.
Second, they have excellent injection efficiency.
At last, they have accurate location tracking.

A chemical injection quill is a specialized device engineered to facilitate the precise introduction of treatment chemicals into a process stream, essentially the flow of process media. The incorporation of chemicals is a critical aspect of numerous industrial processes as it enables operators to exercise exact control over the quantity of chemicals introduced and their specific point of entry into the system.

Essentially, this device ensures the accurate dispensation of the required amount of treatment chemicals at the appropriate junctures within the process stream, optimizing their efficacy. This high degree of precision is paramount for the successful execution of many industrial processes. It allows process controllers to monitor chemical reactions closely, maintain optimal process conditions, and uphold the overall integrity and efficiency of the system. This diligent oversight is crucial in ensuring both the quality and the consistency of the end product, underscoring the quintessential role of the chemical injection quill in industrial operations.

chemical quill

Chemical Injection Quill Parameters

SIChemical Injection Quill SI
PxxxTypeMaterialSealing Material
0No Request0CS0No Request
1Hollow Plug Body1316SS3DSS1Viton O-Ring / PTFE Primary Packing
2Solid Plug Body2316LSS4INCONEL2HNBR
– CodeInjection Nut
NxxConnection SizeMaterial
0No Request0CS
– CodeInjection Tube
Sxxx-Lx″Connection SizeMaterialNozzleLine size(x″)
0No Request0CS0No RequestThe most effective position for injection is generally at the center of the pipe
3DSS3Cap & Core
– CodeNipple and Valve(or end flange )
TxxConnection SizeMaterial
0No Request0CS
11/4″Nipplea1/4″Nipple and Valve1316SS
21/2″Nippleb1/2″Nipple and Valve2316LSS
33/4″Nipplec3/4″Nipple and Valve3D SS
41″Nippled1″Nipple and Valve4INCONEL
51/4″Flangee1/4″Nipple end Flange
61/2″Flangef1/2″Nipple end Flange
73/4″Flangeg3/4″Nipple end Flange
81″Flangeh1″Nipple end Flange
For Example: SI-P221-N12-S122-L4-T22

SI: Sampling and Injection Assembly

P221: The Solid Plug Body is 316LSS. The primary packing material utilized is PTFE, and it features a Viton O-Ring

N12: Injection Nut Connection Size is 1/4″ and the Material of it is 316LSS

S122:Injection Tube Connection Size is 1/4″, and the Material is 316LSS. The type of nozzle is quills

L4″:For 4″pipe.

T22:Nippleof Tee Connection Size is 1/2″, Nipple Material: 316LSS

Applications of Chemical Injection Quill

  1. Water Treatment Facilities: In this setting, chemical injection quills are employed to administer chemicals that sanitize and treat water, rendering it safe for drinking or suitable for industrial applications. The injected chemicals typically include coagulants and flocculants, which aid in the removal of suspended particulates, biocides for neutralizing harmful microorganisms, and pH adjusters for maintaining the water’s acid-base balance.
  2. Oil and Gas Operations: In the realm of oil and gas, these quills play a pivotal role in the injection of chemicals like oxygen scavengers and corrosion inhibitors. While corrosion inhibitors safeguard pipelines and equipment against corrosive elements, oxygen scavengers help eliminate oxygen, thereby reducing the likelihood of oxidative corrosion. Scale inhibitors, introduced via quills, prevent the accumulation of mineral scales, ensuring unimpeded flow and optimal operational efficiency.
  3. Chemical Processing Industries: These industries heavily rely on chemical injection quills to introduce certain chemicals into a process stream, facilitating a reaction or maintaining optimal process conditions.

Our Service

Our Services

We offer a diverse range of chemical injection quills tailored to meet a wide array of specific requirements. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to find a solution that best fits your needs.

To exemplify the high quality of our products, we provide the option for clients to request sample units.

We pride ourselves in offering prompt customer service. Our team is readily available to provide instant feedback and address your inquiries.

We strive to provide the fastest possible delivery times, ensuring you receive your orders promptly. Our online support is available around the clock, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Packaging & Delivery

Our products are packaged in CASES, which carry the following benefits:

  1. They are lightweight, featuring clean lines, providing insulation, and boasting high strength without susceptibility to deformation.
  2. They eliminate the need for fumigation, making the shipping process more efficient.

Our commitment is to deliver top-quality chemical injection quills promptly and efficiently, prioritizing customer satisfaction at all times.

Our Transport

Air Transport

We have established partnerships with a multitude of express delivery companies. This allows us to offer you a range of options when it comes to selecting a courier service. Our primary goal here is to provide you with a service that ensures the safe and speedy delivery of your orders, while also being cost-effective. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in choosing a courier company that offers competitive shipping rates, enabling you to manage your shipping costs more efficiently.

Sea Transport

Our strategic location near Dalian Port presents another advantageous option for transportation. Shenyang’s proximity to this major seaport makes it possible for us to minimize inland transportation expenses, resulting in significant cost savings for our customers. Additionally, the short distance between Shenyang and Dalian Port ensures that your orders can be swiftly transported to the port, reducing the overall shipping time. Through this effective combination of sea transport and minimal inland transportation, we can deliver your orders in a timely and cost-efficient manner.


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