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A Chemical Injection Quill is a device used in various industries, like oil and gas, for injecting chemicals into a system.


Chemical injection quill

A Chemical Injection Quill is a device used in various industries, like oil and gas, for injecting chemicals into a system. It’s designed to deliver chemicals accurately at a specific point, helping control processes or prevent issues like corrosion in pipelines. These quills can be customized based on needs and are made from high-quality materials for reliable, long-lasting use.

Injection quills are used extensively across various sectors due to their ability to accurately and safely deliver chemicals into a system. In the oil and gas industry, they’re used to inject corrosion inhibitors into pipelines to reduce the rate of corrosion and extend the lifespan of the infrastructure. They are also applied in water treatment plants where they introduce disinfectants to eliminate harmful bacteria and other pathogens. In the chemical manufacturing industry, injection quills are used to add precise amounts of reagents during different stages of production, ensuring product quality and safety. Lastly, in power plants, they help in the accurate injection of chemicals for controlling pH, preventing scaling, and reducing the potential for corrosion in boiler systems.

NameHigh-Pressure Injection Quill
MaterialStainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316, DSS F51, Carbon Steel A105N, and Inconel 625
Operating Temperature-20~+120℃
Key Featureseasy to operate
long life and high accuracy
low cost and high efficiency
AdvantagesFirst, they are lightweight and flexible.
Secondly, excellent injection efficiency
At last, accurate location tracking

Installation Method

Follow these steps to install the chemical injection quill:

  1. Start by wrapping the sealing strip on the threaded end of the dropper. Attach this to the NPT fitting of the injection nut and tighten.
  2. Next, place the main seal packing on the plug’s screw with its larger end facing the plug’s center. Connect this to the other thread of the injection nut, tighten it, and secure the set screw.
  3. Temporarily fix the flange seat of the equipment to the pipe’s mounting flange, but do not tighten it yet.
  4. Securely fasten the assembled stopper injection assembly to the flange seat.
  5. Now, loosen the connection to the mounting flange. Remove the entire device and determine the orientation of the bevel of the injection cannula. Adjust the orientation so that the spray sleeve’s inclination is opposite to the medium’s flow direction, opposite of the nozzle. You can measure or visually inspect the angle between the tee port or tee flange adapter and the desired position.
  6. Unscrew the fitting body from the plug injection assemblies by rotating it counterclockwise at a certain angle. Then, loosen the injection nut’s fastening screw and screw it up.
  7. If the injection body is in a tee port shape, wrap a sealing strip around the two ends of the NPT tube. Connect one end to the T-type side opening on the flange pedestal and the other to the valve end. Screw these up to secure them.
SIQuill Injection SI
PxxxTypeMaterialSealing Material
0No Request0CS0No Request
1Hollow Plug Body1316SS3DSS1Viton O-Ring / PTFE Primary Packing
2Solid Plug Body2316LSS4INCONEL2HNBR
– CodeInjection Nut
NxxConnection SizeMaterial
0No Request0CS
– CodeInjection Tube
Sxxx-Lx″Connection SizeMaterialNozzleLine size(x″)
0No Request0CS0No RequestThe most effective position for injection is generally at the center of the pipe
3DSS3Cap & Core
– CodeNipple and Valve (or End Flange) of Tee
TxxConnection SizeMaterial
0No Request0CS
11/4″Nipplea1/4″Nipple and Valve1316SS
21/2″Nippleb1/2″Nipple and Valve2316LSS
33/4″Nipplec3/4″Nipple and Valve3D SS
41″Nippled1″Nipple and Valve4INCONEL
51/4″Flangee1/4″Nipple end Flange
61/2″Flangef1/2″Nipple end Flange
73/4″Flangeg3/4″Nipple end Flange
81″Flangeh1″Nipple end Flange
For Example:SI-P221-N12-S122-L4″-T22

SI: Sampling and Injection Assembly

P221: Solid Plug Body in 316LSS Viton O-Ring and PTFE Primary Packing

N12: Injection Nut Connection Size: 1/4″ and Material: 316LSS

S122:Injection The tube connection size is 1/4 and the material is 316LSS.The type of nozzle is quills

L4″:For 4″pipe.

T22: Nipple of Tee Connection Size: 1/2″, Nipple Material: 316LSS

erosion probe

Important Notice

Operators should wear appropriate protective clothing and follow relevant standards for instrument and equipment operation during the installation and operation processes.

During under-pressure operation, operators should keep all parts of their bodies away from the device’s interface port. This precaution is to prevent injury from potential medium leakage during operation.

The chemical injection system is designed to inject chemical agents into the drilling or gathering systems in a controlled manner. This feature helps meet the regular production requirements of oil and gas wells.

chemical quill

Performance Characteristics:

  1. Adaptable Output: The system enables effortless adjustments to the output pressure and flow as per requirements, offering a high degree of flexibility.
  2. Versatile Usage: It is compatible with pipelines of various pressure levels, enhancing its utility across different operational scenarios.
  3. Customizable Materials: We offer customization options for its materials based on your specific needs, ensuring a tailored solution for each client.
  4. High-Quality Components: The primary components are crafted from premium raw materials, guaranteeing the reliability and superior quality of the equipment.

Our Service

Our Services
We offer a diverse range of injection quills, customized to meet a broad spectrum of specific requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to discover the best solution for your needs.
To demonstrate the high quality of our products, we provide the option for clients to request sample units.
We pride ourselves on offering prompt customer service. Our team is readily available to provide instant feedback and address your inquiries.
We strive to provide the fastest possible delivery times, ensuring that you receive your orders promptly. Our online support is available around the clock, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Packaging and Delivery
Our injection quills are packaged in CASES, which offer the following benefits:

  1. They are lightweight, feature clean lines, provide insulation, and boast high strength without susceptibility to deformation.
  2. They eliminate the need for fumigation, making the shipping process more efficient.
    Our commitment is to deliver top-quality injection quills promptly and efficiently, prioritizing customer satisfaction at all times.


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