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Quills Access fittings play a key role in the safe and efficient delivery of chemicals into the piping system. These joints are made of high-performance sealing materials that prevent leaks even at high pressures, ensuring maximum operational safety and efficiency.


Injection QuillIntroduction to Chemical Injection Quill Access Fitting

Quills Access fittings play a key role in the safe and efficient delivery of chemicals into the piping system. These joints are made of high-performance sealing materials that prevent leaks even at high pressures, ensuring maximum operational safety and efficiency.

One of the main features of the Quill Access pipe fitting is its built-in liquid injection pump. The system allows chemical liquids to be precisely injected into the pipeline through special valves and connecting pipes. Alternatively, it can easily extract the media inside the pipe into a sampling container, providing a universal solution for a variety of pipe processes.

If you have any further questions or insights about chemical injection tubes and their applications, our team of professionals is ready to assist you. Rely on our expertise to guide you through the nuances of this important plumbing component.

The higher temperature insulation materials are:
Teflon: 500″F (260″C) Rulon: 550″F (288″C)
Ceramic: 1472″F (800″C)



Chemical Injection Quills Access Fitting

PxxxTypeMaterialSealing Material
0No Request0CS0No Request
1Hollow Plug Body1316SS3DSS1Viton O-Ring / PTFE Primary Packing
2Solid Plug Body2316LSS4INCONEL2HNBR
 CodeInjection Nut
NxxConnection SizeMaterial
0i.e. No Request0i.e. CS
1i.e. 1/4″1i.e. 316SS3i.e. DSS
2i.e. 1/2″2i.e. 316LSS4i.e. INCONEL
– CodeInjection Tube
Sxxx-Lx″Connection SizeMaterialNozzleLine size(x″)
0No Request0CS0i.e. No RequestThe most effective position for injection is generally at the center of the pipe
1i.e. 1/4″1i.e. 316SS1i.e. Open
2i.e. 1/2″2i.e. 316LSS2i.e. Quill
3i.e. DSS3i.e. Cap & Core
– CodeNipple and Valve (or End Flange) of the Tee
TxxConnection SizeMaterial
0i.e. No Request0i.e. CS
1i.e. 1/4″Nippleai.e. 1/4″Nipple and Valve1i.e. 316SS
2i.e. 1/2″Nipplebi.e. 1/2″Nipple and Valve2i.e. 316LSS
3i.e. 3/4″Nippleci.e. 3/4″Nipple and Valve3i.e. D SS
4i.e. 1″Nippledi.e. 1″Nipple and Valve4i.e. INCONEL
5i.e. 1/4″Flangeei.e. 1/4″Nipple end Flange
6i.e. 1/2″Flangefi.e. 1/2″Nipple end Flange
7i.e. 3/4″Flangegi.e. 3/4″Nipple end Flange
8i.e. 1″Flangehi.e. 1″Nipple end Flange

P221: e.g. Solid Plug Body in 316LSS Viton O-Ring and PTFE Primary packing

N12: e.g., injection Nut Connection Size is 1/4″and Material is316LSS,

S122:e.g. injection The tube connection size is 1/4 ″ and the material is 316LSS. The type of nozzle is quills

L4″:For 4″pipe.

T22:Nippleof Tee Connection Size is 1/2″,Nipple material is316LSS

chemical injection quill

Chemical injection components are an important tool for the oil and gas industry. Operators use these components to inject chemicals into high-pressure pipes that carry production fluids, seawater, and a variety of other media. This process has several purposes, such as improving the operational efficiency of the associated processing equipment, protecting the equipment and wellhead pipes, and extending the service life of the equipment.

Chemical injection tubes have been widely used in the global oil extraction and processing industry. In oil field production, chemical injection pump systems mainly inject methanol or ethylene glycol into the fluid upstream of the nozzle manifold. This action prevents the fluid from forming frozen hydrates due to a drop in pressure. At the same time, the reliability of the surface test system and the upper and lower pressure drop range of the nozzle are improved, so that the oil (gas) well can resume normal operation.



Chemical Injection Quills Access Fitting

MaterialStainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316, DSS F51, Carbon Steel A105N, and also Inconel 625
Operating Temperature-20~+120℃
FeaturesFirst, easy to operate
Second, long life and high accuracy
At last, low cost and high efficiency
AdvantagesFirst, lightweight and flexible
Second, excellent injection efficiency
At last, accurate location tracking

Chemical Injection Quill-2

This ensures safety. In the process industry, we use chemical injection systems. This allows liquid chemicals to be precisely injected into the reinjected or injected liquid at either high or low pressure. There are many types of chemical agents that are injected into the solution, usually including methanol, ethylene glycol, preservatives, and deoxidizers. There are also drilling fluid additives (caustic soda and liquid polymers) and defoamer. Chemical injection pump systems can also be used to quantitatively deliver feedstock to high-pressure reactors.

The chemical fuel injection pump system consists of three parts: ultra-high pressure hydraulic, mechanical and driving air. The hydraulic section provides an ultra-high pressure source for the chemical injection system. The driving air section powers the entire system. The maximum working pressure of the chemical injection system is 1050bar. The high voltage circuit is equipped with filtering and overvoltage protection devices. With oil level and pressure display function. It also has the function of retaining pressure and discharging material. The driving air section powers the entire system. The maximum operating pressure of the driving air circuit is 10bar. The drive air circuit is equipped with filtering and overvoltage protection devices. With pressure display function. It also has a pressure regulation function.


Types of nozzles

Introduction to Types of Nozzles in Chemical Injection Quills

The chemical injection quill is equipped with four different types of nozzles, each designed for a specific function and purpose. Understanding these different nozzle types can help optimize your use in a variety of applications. Each nozzle type has its own unique advantages and applications, thus expanding the versatile use of chemical injection feather tubes in the oil and gas industry.

Parallel nozzles: As the name suggests, parallel nozzles are designed to be parallel to the direction of flow in the pipe. This is the ideal way to inject chemicals and immediately merge with the pipeline flow.

Vertical nozzles: As opposed to parallel nozzles, vertical nozzles are at right angles to the pipe flow. This allows for a more dispersed chemical injection, raising the pipe content of the mixture.

Open nozzle: This type of nozzle has no limiting structure at the end of the feather. The open nozzle allows chemicals to flow freely and unrestricted into the pipe, providing a large volume injection.

Sampling quill: The sampling pen is used to extract samples from the pipe instead of injecting chemicals into the pipe. This is essential for testing and quality control as it allows operators to monitor and evaluate the chemical composition in the pipeline.

Our Service

Our Services

We offer a wide range of chemical injection pipe fittings to meet specific requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find the solution that best suits your needs.

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Packaging & Delivery
Our products are packaged in CASES, which carry the following benefits:

  1. They are lightweight, featuring clean lines, providing insulation, and boasting high strength without susceptibility to deformation.
  2. They eliminate the need for fumigation, making the shipping process more efficient.
    Our commitment is to deliver top-quality chemical injection quills access fittings promptly and efficiently, prioritizing customer satisfaction at all times.


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