Scraper Pipeline Cleaning Pig


EMT Scraper Pipeline Cleaning Pigs are meticulously engineered to perform a variety of essential pipeline tasks, such as the removal of pipeline debris, liquid evacuation, product separation, batching, displacement, cleaning, and gauging operations.


Scraper Pipeline Cleaning Pig


Scraper Pipeline Cleaning Pig (Steel Body)

EMT Scraper pipe cleaning cleaners are designed to perform a variety of essential pipe tasks such as pipe debris removal, liquid removal, product separation, batching, displacement, cleaning and metering operations.

These cleaning cleaners use a hydraulic piston seal principle that not only actively scrapes the pipe holes to remove any buildup, but also maintains a constant seal for effective cleaning. This dual function ensures the integrity of the pipe while providing a thorough cleaning process.

A wide range of products, ranging in size from 4 “to 14”, are designed with a single steel body bolt. For larger pipes, sizes range from 6 “to 56”, including multi-bolt designs. The variety meets different pipe sizes to ensure optimal fit and function.

The universal design is equipped with four scraper cups and has a high success rate in removing light to moderate sediment from pipe walls. For more challenging or stubborn accumulations, cleaning performance can be enhanced with several additional options. These include using several grades of brushes, polyurethane plow blades, pinwheel cups, or pin trays.

In addition, there are other optional accessories, such as magnets for debris collection, gauge plates with solid or segmented designs for precise measurements, and housings for transmitters or data loggers. There is also a spider nose option that can be used to shunt or squirt. These additional features provide flexibility and customization to meet specific pipe cleaning requirements.

Understanding Pipeline Pigs

Definition and Function of Pipeline Pigs

A pipe pig, also known as a pipe inspection meter, is a tool used for the maintenance and management of pipelines, which are large pipes used to transport substances such as oil, gas or water over long distances. The word “pig” is thought to have come from the squeal made by early devices as they ran in pipes.

Essentially, a pipe pig is like a large sponge or brush that is inserted into the pipe and propelled by the flow of material in the pipe. Its main purpose is to clean the pipe, just like you would clean the inside of a straw with a brush. The pig runs through the pipe, scraping away any dirt, rust, or other unwanted material that may have accumulated inside the pipe over time. This process is essential to keep the pipe running smoothly and avoid any clogging.

Scraper Pipeline Cleaning Pigs

Historical Background of Pipeline Pigging

The practice of using pig to clean pipes has been around for decades. The concept of pipeline pigging was first introduced to the oil and gas industry in the early 20th century. At the time, pipelines were the most efficient way to move oil and gas from extraction plants to refineries and then to distribution centers.

Over time, however, these pipes tend to become dirty or clogged with sediment. To keep the pipes clean and running efficiently, the industry is starting to use simple equipment, which they call “pigs,” to clean the inside of the pipes. These early pigs were basic equipment, often just pushing bundles of rags or leather through pipes.

With the development of industry and the advancement of technology, the design and function of pigs are also constantly improving. Today, the modern pipe pig is a technologically advanced tool that not only cleans the pipe, but also performs inspections, detects leaks, and helps maintain the structural integrity of the pipe.

Advantages of Using Scraper Pipeline Cleaning Pig

Efficiency of debris and sediment removal

One of the most significant advantages of using a scraper pig is that it can effectively remove debris and sediment from the pipe. Their purpose is to scrape away any unwanted material that has accumulated inside the pipe, such as dirt, rust, or mineral deposits. This thorough cleaning process ensures that the pipes remain clean, allowing materials to flow smoothly and efficiently through the pipes.

Extend pipe life

Another advantage of the scraper pig is that it can help extend the service life of the pipe. Over time, the buildup of debris and sediment can corrode and damage the inside of the pipe, potentially leading to leaks and even pipe failures. Regular cleaning with a scraper pig can prevent this buildup, maintain the integrity of the pipe, and reduce the risk of expensive repair or replacement.

Cost savings and environmental benefits

Finally, using a scraper pig can result in significant cost savings and environmental benefits. By keeping pipes clean and efficient, companies can prevent costly clogging and minimize the need to repair or replace pipes. In addition, cleaner pipelines mean less energy is needed to transport material, reducing the carbon footprint of pipeline operations. In addition, by preventing leaks, scraper cleaners help protect the environment from potential oil or chemical spills.

pipeline pig


In summary, the scraper pipe pig plays an important role in the management and maintenance of the pipe. Their main function is to remove debris and sediment, which not only ensures the smooth transportation of substances, but also greatly extends the service life of the pipeline.

The advantages of using a scraper pig are manifold. They provide significant cost savings by preventing costly blockages and reducing the need for pipe repair or replacement. In addition, they help protect the environment by minimizing energy consumption and preventing potential leaks.

The history of pipe pigging shows the fascinating evolution from simple cleaning equipment to the highly specialized and diverse tools we see today. Modern scraper cleaners come with a wide range of accessories and options that provide customizable solutions to meet specific pipe cleaning needs.

The world of pipe maintenance and cleaning is a large and complex one, with scraper pipe-cleaning pigs playing a central role. As we continue to rely on pipelines to transport essential resources, the importance of these tools cannot be overstated.

Whether you are directly involved in the plumbing industry or just an interested observer, there is always more to learn about this fascinating field. Constant learning and exploration only strengthen our gratitude to these unsung heroes of the plumbing world.


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