Removable Pig Signaller 


The signaller features a trigger mechanism that is activated as the pig passes through the position where the signaller is installed. The trigger mechanism initiates a response to indicate the pig’s passage.



The Removable Pig Signaller, offered by EMT, is a cutting-edge instrument designed to enhance pipeline monitoring capabilities. This advanced device provides accurate and reliable confirmation of the passage of cleaning pigs through pipelines, offering vital information for pipeline operators. In this article, we will explore the features, types, functions, and advantages of the Removable Pig Signaller, shedding light on its effectiveness in ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of oil and gas.


Types of Removable Pig Signallers

The Removable Pig Signaller comes in various types, each tailored to specific requirements. It encompasses two primary categories: trigger types and connection types.

Trigger Types:

  1.    Bi-directional: This type of Removable Pig Signaller detects pig passage regardless of the direction of movement.
  2.    Uni-directional: Designed to detect pig passage in a single specified direction.

Connection Types:

  1.    2″ Flange Connection: Provides a secure and reliable connection to the pipeline using a flange connection.
  2.    2″ Welded Nipple: Offers a welded nipple connection for robust attachment to the pipeline.
  3.    2″ Welded Base NPT Nipple Connection: Features a welded base NPT nipple connection for seamless integration into the pipeline system.

These Removable Pig Signallers are strategically positioned at pig launching and receiving stations, as well as key points along the pipeline, ensuring comprehensive monitoring coverage.

Flange connection

Functions and Use Effects

The Removable Pig Signaller serves multiple crucial functions in pipeline monitoring:

  1. Passage Detection: By detecting the passage of cleaning pigs, the signaller provides real-time confirmation, allowing operators to monitor the progress of pig movement accurately.
  2. Information Transmission: The Removable Pig Signaller sends signals to the control room, providing essential data on the location of the cleaning pigs within the pipeline.
  3. Condition Monitoring: The information provided by the signaller enables operators to identify potential issues, such as corrosion, cracking, or damage, that may require maintenance or repair.One of the critical components in the pipeline pigging process is a device that allows for the detection of the passage of cleaning pigs within the pipeline. This device, known as a signaller, is designed to provide real-time confirmation of the cleaning pig’s location. This function is crucial as it allows operators to accurately monitor the progress of the cleaning pig as it moves through the pipeline.

    The detection process begins when the cleaning pig crosses the location of the signaller. Upon this occurrence, the signaller registers the pig’s passage and sends an alert to the operators. This real-time feedback allows operators to keep track of the cleaning pig’s progress and ensure it is functioning as expected. This ability to track the pig’s movement is particularly important in larger or complex pipeline systems, where the cleaning pig might be out of sight for extended periods.

    Another important feature of the signaller is its ability to transmit information back to the control room. Known as the Removable Pig Signaller, this device communicates essential data about the cleaning pig’s location within the pipeline. This data transmission is a fundamental part of the pigging process, providing operators with much-needed visibility into the cleaning operation.

Features and Advantages of Removable Pig Signaller

The Removable Pig Signaller from EMT offers a range of features and advantages that make it an exceptional choice for pipeline monitoring. Here are some key features and benefits:

  1. Flange Connection: It utilizes a flange connection, ensuring stability and a reliable seal. This connection method facilitates easy installation and disassembly, allowing for efficient maintenance and replacement when needed.
  2. Trigger Types: It is available in both bi-directional and uni-directional trigger types. This versatility enables it to effectively detect pig passage in various pipeline configurations, providing accurate confirmation of cleaning pig movement.
  3. Connection Options: EMT offers different connection options for the Removable Pig Signaller, including flange, welded nipple, and welded base NPT nipple connections. This range of choices allows for compatibility with different pipeline systems, ensuring seamless integration.
  4. Electrical Signal Integration: The integration of electrical signals in the Removable Pig Signaller enhances monitoring capabilities. By combining manual reset flags with electrical switch output or digital displays, operators can remotely receive real-time information about pig passage, enabling efficient monitoring and data collection.
  5. Robust Construction: It is built with high-quality materials to withstand demanding operating conditions. Its durable design ensures reliable performance and long-term durability, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs.
  6. Easy Maintenance: The removable design of the signaller allows for easy access and maintenance. Operators can quickly disassemble and replace components, such as the flag or electrical switch, as needed, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous monitoring functionality.
  7. Operating Temperature Range: It is designed to operate effectively within a wide temperature range, providing reliable performance even in extreme environmental conditions.
  8. Compliance and Safety: It meets industry standards and regulations, ensuring its suitability for use in various applications. It is designed with ingress protection and is explosion-proof, providing added safety in hazardous locations.
  9. Customization Options: EMT offers customization options for the Removable Pig Signaller to meet specific customer requirements. This ensures that the signaller can be tailored to fit various pipeline configurations and operational needs.

pig signaller

Functions and Working Principles

The Removable Pig Signaller operates on a simple yet effective principle:

  1. Passage Detection: The signaller features a trigger mechanism that is activated as the pig passes through the position where the signaller is installed. The trigger mechanism initiates a response to indicate the pig’s passage.
  2. Working Principle: As the pig passes, the trigger mechanism causes the flag to rotate 90°, transitioning from a horizontal to an upright position. This clear visual indication allows operators to determine the pig’s location within the pipeline.

Operation Cautions:

Operators should ensure that the Removable Pig Signaller’s flag is manually reset to the non-triggered state before use. The flag should be pressed down by the operator to maintain a horizontal position. If the trigger is pushed by the pig, causing the flag to swing beyond 45 degrees, it indicates that a pig has passed through the pipeline at that location.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the Removable Pig Signaller provide confirmation of pig passage?

– The Removable Pig Signaller utilizes a trigger mechanism that responds to the pig’s movement, indicating its passage through the pipeline.

  1. Can the Removable Pig Signaller be used in both directions?

– Yes, the signaller is bi-directional, meaning it can detect pig passage regardless of the direction of movement.

  1. What are the benefits of the flange connection type?

– The flange connection type offers versatility, as it does not require the same material as the pipeline flange, making installation more convenient.

  1. How does electrical signal integration enhance monitoring capabilities?

– By combining electrical signals, the Removable Pig Signaller allows for remote monitoring, enabling operators to receive pig passage information from a distance.

  1. Is the Removable Pig Signaller resistant to harsh operating conditions?

– Yes, the signaller is constructed with durable materials and designed to withstand harsh environments, ensuring reliable performance over time.


The Removable Pig Signaller from EMT presents an innovative solution for effective pipeline monitoring. With its versatile trigger and connection types, along with the integration of electrical signals, this instrument ensures accurate and reliable detection of cleaning pig passage. Its durable construction and user-friendly features make it a valuable asset for the oil and gas industry. By utilizing the Removable Pig Signaller, pipeline operators can enhance their monitoring capabilities, detect potential issues promptly, and maintain the safe and efficient transportation of oil and gas.

Incorporate the Removable Pig Signaller into your pipeline infrastructure and experience the benefits of advanced monitoring technology. Contact EMT today to learn more about our comprehensive range of pipeline monitoring solutions. Together, let’s ensure the integrity and reliability of your pipeline operations.



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