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Quick-actuating closures are an essential component in industries where operational efficiency, safety, and accessibility to vessels are crucial. Their design and features may vary depending on the specific requirements of the application and the industry standards.


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Introduction of Quick Actuating Closures

The Quick Actuating Closures offered by EMT provide a robust solution for efficiently sealing. Designed with a focus on safety and functionality, these closures come equipped with interlock mechanisms and optional components that enhance their performance. From opening and closing mechanisms to rotating arms and short joints, these closures are engineered to ensure smooth operation while maintaining the integrity of the pipelines. With a keen emphasis on safety features and innovative design, Quick Actuating Closures are an indispensable component for managing pipeline systems effectively.

Quick-actuating closures are an essential component in industries where operational efficiency, safety, and accessibility to vessels are crucial. Their design and features may vary depending on the specific requirements of the application and the industry standards.

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Key Features of Quick Actuating Closures

  1. Rapid Opening and Closing: These closures are designed to be operated quickly, often in a matter of minutes or seconds, allowing for efficient access to the contents of the vessel.
  2. Safety Mechanisms: Quick-actuating closures typically incorporate safety features to prevent accidental opening or closing. These can include locking mechanisms, interlocks, and indicators to ensure that the closure is properly secured or released.
  3. Pressure and Leak-Tight Sealing: When closed, these closures create a pressure-tight and leak-proof seal to maintain the integrity of the vessel and prevent the release of contents.
  4. Ease of Use: Quick-actuating closures are designed to be user-friendly and require minimal tools or specialized equipment for operation.
  5. Variability: They come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different vessel types, sizes, and pressure ratings.
  6. Application: They are commonly used for applications such as pipeline pigging, inspection, maintenance, and cleaning of tanks, vessels, and other pressure-containing equipment.
  7. Materials: These closures are typically constructed from materials that are suitable for the contents and conditions of the vessel, often including corrosion-resistant metals and elastomers.


Advantages of Quick Actuating Closures

  1. Quick Operation: Equipped with an integrated scalable locking-ring structure, our Quick Actuating Closure drastically shortens the operation time compared to other types of quick-opening closures. It enables a single operator to easily complete the opening and closing process within one minute using less than 200N of force.
  2. Enhanced Sealing: Thanks to our unique self-tightening lip seal structure, we ensure a safer and more reliable sealing process of quick actuating closures.
  3. Safety Lock System: Our closure features a safety lock system with a self-locking function. This system ensures that all operational parts, including the quick-opening blind and the locking structure, are locked before pressurizing the equipment. Without the lock in the reserved position, the equipment cannot be pressurized. After depressurizing the equipment and before opening the blind flange cover, the system ensures complete pressure relief inside the container. This double pressure relief mechanism helps avoid safety issues due to incorrect operations.

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Basic Parameters of Quick Actuating Closures

Customized Design Pig Launcher Receiver Bandlocking Quick Actuating Closures
Design pressure
1.6 MPa ~ 30 MPa
Corrosion allowance
2 mm
Seismic fortification intensity
7 Degrees
Work medium
Oil, nature gas, water, ore pulp, etc.
Opening time
Within 60s
Opening type
Vertical or horizontal

This product is designed to handle a wide range of pressures, from a minimum of 1.6 MPa up to a maximum of 30 MPa. To account for potential degradation over time, a corrosion allowance of 2 mm has been factored into the design. In terms of resilience, it’s built to withstand seismic fortification intensities of up to 7 degrees, ensuring robust performance even in challenging conditions.

The device is versatile with regard to the types of mediums it can work with. It’s suitable for use with oil, natural gas, water, and even ore pulp. In terms of operation, it’s designed for efficiency, with an opening time of less than 60 seconds. Furthermore, it offers flexibility in installation, accommodating both vertical and horizontal orientations.

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