Pig’s Spring Steel Brush


EMT offers a diverse range of brushes designed for pipeline pigs, including the Pig’s Spring Steel Brush accessory.


Introduction of Pig’s Spring Steel Brush

EMT offers a diverse range of brushes designed for pipeline pigs, including the Pig’s Spring Steel Brush accessory. This versatile component serves two key functions: effectively cleaning pipe elbows and removing residue from the upper section of the pipeline. In this article, we delve into the features, applications, and advantages of our products, highlighting their ability to enhance thorough and efficient pipeline-cleaning operations.

pig with spring steel brush


Function and Installation of Pig’s Spring Steel Brush

It is specifically engineered to tackle dirt and debris in pipe elbows. Installed in the middle section of the pig, typically four of these accessories are fitted to ensure comprehensive cleaning coverage. With its flexible steel handle, the product provides the necessary maneuverability to clean every detail as it passes through pipe elbows. This accessory is particularly effective in curved pipelines where optimal cleaning performance is essential.

Moreover, it addresses the issue of residue remaining in the upper part of the pipeline after prolonged pig usage. Polyurethane materials used in pig cups and discs can succumb to the effects of gravity, resulting in residues accumulating in the upper section of the pipeline. By incorporating the brush, this problem is resolved through thorough cleaning of the upper part during pigging operations.



spring steel brush

Key Features and Benefits of Pig’s Spring Steel Brush

The product’s pigging accessory offers several key features that enhance pipeline cleaning operations:

  1. Flexibility and Trafficability: Its handle provides the necessary flexibility to navigate and clean pipe elbows effectively. Its design ensures smooth trafficability, facilitating seamless movement through curved pipelines.
  2. High Cleaning Ability: With robust bristles, it excels in removing rust, residue, and other substances from the pipeline. Its impressive cleaning power ensures a thoroughly cleaned pipeline.
  3. Comprehensive Cleaning: Its flexibility enables it to clean the upper section of the pipe more comprehensively, effectively addressing residue issues that may arise after prolonged pig usage.

Pig's Spring Steel Brush

Replacement and Cost Savings

EMT recognizes the importance of product durability and cost-effectiveness. In the event of damage to the product pigging accessory, users can conveniently purchase replacement components, eliminating the need to repurchase the entire product. This cost-saving feature minimizes maintenance expenses and ensures continuous efficient pipeline cleaning.


EMT’s Pig’s Spring Steel Brush pigging accessory offers a reliable solution for achieving comprehensive pipeline cleaning. With its flexibility, high cleaning ability, and capability to address residue issues in the upper pipeline section, this accessory enhances thorough and efficient cleaning performance. By incorporating our products into your pipeline cleaning operations, you can experience improved cleanliness, enhanced pipeline integrity, and reduced maintenance costs.


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