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The Polyurethane Pipeline Pig is an essential piece of equipment in the pipeline industry, particularly in the oil and gas industries.


Introduction of Polyurethane Pipeline Pig

The Polyurethane Pipeline Pig is an essential piece of equipment in the pipeline industry, particularly in the oil and gas industries. It is mostly made of polyurethane and has characteristics such as durability, flexibility, and resistance to oil and other pollutants. This instrument performs routine pipeline maintenance and inspections, removing sediment, scale, and other debris to maintain pipeline integrity and assure material flow efficiency. When the Cleaning Pig is used regularly, it can help find problems like internal corrosion or leaks early on. This makes it an important part of pipeline management’s preventative maintenance methods.

Polyurethane Pigs from EMT are composed of high-performance polyurethane and have excellent wear, corrosion, and durability. The polyurethane substance increases the pigs’ lives, making them suitable for long-distance pipe cleaning. The EMT Polyurethane Pigs are designed to quickly navigate convoluted pipeline patterns while keeping garbage, sediment, and other impurities out of the pipeline.

Polyurethane Pipeline Pig

What is Polyurethane Pipeline Pig?

The EMT Polyurethane Pig should be your first choice when looking for a dependable and effective pipeline cleaning solution. This high-quality, high-performance pig was created exclusively for the oil and gas industry. This pig is made of polyurethane and does not have a skeleton. It has exceptional cleaning capabilities and superior passability. It is made of polyurethane and is mold-cast, giving it increased wear resistance.

The EMT Polyurethane Pig has a wide range of uses. It is capable of cleaning liquid or gas accumulations as well as traversing complicated pipe bends. Its intrinsic elasticity and corrosion resistance make it ideal for clearing accumulations in pipelines carrying corrosive substances.

Types of Polyurethane Pipeline Pigs

Polyurethane pigs are available in a variety of configurations to satisfy a variety of pipeline cleaning needs. One such idea is to shape the pigs into bowls or straight plates. The use of polyurethane as the primary material improves the pigs’ wear resistance. As a result, the pigs may operate for extended periods within pipes, making them a perfect choice for long-distance pipe cleaning applications.

The unique properties of polyurethane contribute to the pigs’ exceptional cleaning performance. The resilience and suppleness of the material allow the pigs to freely penetrate pipelines, successfully removing garbage and accumulation. Additionally, the pigs’ one-piece casting avoids the need for additional components, simplifying the design and boosting use.

Polyurethane pigs with interchangeable cups are also available from EMT. This feature is a cost-effective solution because it allows for the replacement of individual cups rather than the entire pig. Because of their versatility, the pigs can be tailored to a variety of pipeline conditions and cleaning requirements, enhancing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Color variations are another key feature of EMT’s Polyurethane Pipeline Pigs. Typically, we manufacture our pigs in a distinctive red color, which is easily identifiable and contrasts well with the internal pipeline surfaces. However, we also cater to specific customer needs and preferences, offering an alternative blue option. This blue variant is a result of our customer-centric approach and our endeavor to meet unique requirements. We are also open to creating pigs in other colors as per our customers’ requests. This flexibility in color options not only enhances the visibility of the pigs but also adds an element of customization, aligning with our commitment to provide tailored solutions for all pipeline cleaning needs.

Polyurethane Pipeline Pig

Advantages of Polyurethane Pipeline Pig

The EMT Polyurethane Pipeline Pig is constructed of high-performance polyurethane, a material renowned for its flexibility. This flexibility allows the pig to navigate smoothly along complicated pipeline pathways. Moreover, the exceptional wear and corrosion resistance of the material ensures the pig’s long-term, consistent performance. The EMT Polyurethane Pipeline Pig is notably easy to operate. Its straightforward operation allows for quick cleaning processes, significantly enhancing labor efficiency. Furthermore, the pig requires minimal maintenance, with no need for cleaning or inspection after each use.

The pig is designed with a diameter slightly larger than the internal diameter of the pipeline. This design enables the pig to remove various types of debris from the pipeline, including loose sediment, product accumulation, corrosion, and pollutants. Additionally, it contributes to increasing the pipeline’s carrying capacity and improving the quality of the product conveyed. The pig is pre-set with a hardness of 85A5, but variations with hardness levels of 75A5 and 65A5 are also available to meet different requirements.

EMT products, like the Polyurethane Pipeline Pig, are widely utilized in the oil and gas industry. The EMT Polyurethane Pipeline Pig facilitates “barrier-free” operations by providing thorough pipeline cleaning, making it suitable for oil pipelines, gas pipelines, water injection wells, or production wells.

Why Choose the EMT Team?

The EMT Polyurethane Pipeline Pigs stand out in the market due to their exceptional durability, dependability, and customization options. Our products boast a longer lifespan and enhanced reliability due to our extensive research into polyurethane materials and our precision in determining the optimal composition. We also offer customized services to match your specific requirements, ensuring that you receive the best pipeline-cleaning pigs available. By choosing our products, you not only receive a high-quality pig but also partner with a dependable team committed to providing exceptional customer service and technical support.

Given that polyurethane is recyclable, our All-Polyurethane Pig is designed with a focus on environmental sustainability. Choosing EMT Pigging means opting for both efficiency and environmental responsibility. Our polyurethane pig offers an efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution for pipeline cleaning in the oil and gas industry, thereby saving time, reducing costs, and boosting productivity. We look forward to partnering with you to pave the way for a barrier-free future in the oil and gas industry.


The EMT Polyurethane Pipeline Pigs offer an advanced, efficient, and environmentally sustainable solution for pipeline cleaning in the oil and gas industry. Constructed from high-performance polyurethane, it combines durability with exceptional wear and corrosion resistance. Its versatility allows it to handle a range of pipeline cleaning needs efficiently, while its user-friendly operation and minimal maintenance requirements enhance operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

By choosing EMT and our polyurethane pig, you’re investing in a partnership that values research, precision, customization, and excellent customer service. Our All-Polyurethane Pig, which is recyclable, serves as evidence of our commitment to environmental sustainability and a cleaner industry. Join us as we pave the way for a barrier-free future in the oil and gas industry.


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