Corrosion Coupons in Pipelines


Corrosion coupons play a key role in monitoring corrosion in various industries, including oil, gas, and water treatment. These coupons help check the integrity of pipelines, cooling towers, and other systems.


Introduction of Corrosion Coupons in Pipelines

Corrosion coupons play an important role in corrosion monitoring in various industries such as oil, gas and water treatment. These coupons help in pipeline corrosion detection. Depending on the application, they come in bars, disks, and tubes. They should match the material of the pipe, such as carbon steel. In addition to carbon steel, other materials are available.
After production is complete, workers mark each coupon with a serial number to make it easy to distinguish. There are three ways to treat the hanging sheet surface: untreated, sandblasted or sprayed.
Crucially, the technicians used analytical balances to pinpoint the weight of each coupon to four decimal places. The balance is calibrated and verified regularly to ensure the accuracy of the weight.
Finally, they mounted the coupons in a holder and exposed them to the system’s fluid. They are usually tested for 90 days and can be adjusted according to the degree of corrosion observed.Corrosion Coupons

Basic Parameters

NameCorrosion Coupon
MaterialStainless Steel 304、Stainless Steel 316、DSS F51、Carbon Steel A105N、Duplex Steel、Inconel 625
Operating Temperaturefrom -20 degree to 120 degree
FeatureFirstly, it is easy to operate.
Secondly, High Accuracy and long life
Lastly, High-efficiency and low-cost
AdvantageFirst, they are lightweight and flexible.
Secondly, nice efficiency.
At last, accurate location tracking.

The Importance of Monitoring Pipeline Corrosion

Monitoring pipe corrosion is a key aspect of industrial maintenance. First of all, corrosion will directly affect the pipeline life. Regular corrosion checks can effectively prevent unexpected failures and ensure continuity of operation. In addition, they prevent potential environmental hazards caused by pipeline leaks.

Corrosion monitoring also plays a key role in reducing pipeline management costs. By detecting corrosion early, businesses can avoid costly repairs and downtime.

In addition, data from corrosion monitoring allows one to optimize maintenance pipes. This method prolongs the service life of the piping system. It also maximizes the return on investment. Just as importantly, it ensures the safety of people who may encounter compromised infrastructure.

Finally, corrosion monitoring helps improve overall system reliability. It ensures that the transported substances maintain their purity and are not contaminated by corrosive substances. Therefore, corrosion monitoring is not just a maintenance task; It’s an integral part of an industry that relies on pipelines

Corrosion Coupon Holder

Maintenance and Lifecycle Management

Effective corrosion maintenance is essential for pipelines. First, schedule regular checkups. These help people understand the corrosion of the pipeline and solve the problem in time.

As for the life cycle of corrosion coupons, it usually begins with their installation in the piping system. The environment it monitors determines its lifespan. Over time, corrosion by-products accumulate, and professionals must analyze them regularly.

When it comes to changing coupons, the technician should strictly follow the replacement operation manual. This ensures continuous monitoring and data accuracy. They should determine the timing of replacement based on the observed rate of corrosion and specific industry standards.

Finally, do some proper processing. If handled properly, they can minimize their impact on the environment. The industry must deal with them through certified waste management services. This careful handling completes the corrosion coupon life cycle and reflects a commitment to industry best practices and environmental stewardship.

Corrosion Coupons in Pipelines

Weighing and Measuring Corrosion Coupons

The precision of measuring corrosion coupons is of the utmost importance. Precise measurements accurately reflect the degree of corrosion. These devices can measure weight changes down to a thousandth of a gram.

Moreover, the importance of analytical balance in this process cannot be overstated. The calculation of the corrosion rate is based on reliable data. Therefore, the integrity of the entire monitoring system depends on the accuracy of these corrosion measurements.

In addition, regular calibration and verification of weighing equipment are essential. Technicians should check and adjust the balance according to a strict schedule. This practice not only maintains the integrity of the measurements but is also consistent with quality control standards.

Finally, detailed documentation accompanies the calibration process. This record-keeping is essential for traceability and meeting industry audit needs. It demonstrates a commitment to maintaining consistent standards in corrosion monitoring.


Corrosion coupons play an indispensable role in maintaining pipeline integrity. They offer a glimpse into the unseen, guiding timely maintenance actions. Looking ahead, the future of corrosion monitoring shines with potential advancements in technology. Innovations promise more precise and real-time data, revolutionizing how industries tackle pipeline degradation.

Proactive pipeline management now, more than ever, is the key to longevity and safety. Forward-thinking companies are integrating these small but mighty tools into their regular operations. They are not just reacting to issues but anticipating and preventing them, ensuring seamless production and safeguarding the environment.


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