EMT Adjustable Pig Signaler


As the pig travels through the pipeline, this invasive pig signaler is designed to physically engage with it, sending both manual and electronic signals to signify the pig’s passing.



Ensuring the effective and secure passage of cleaning pigs is essential in the intricate world of oil and gas pipeline operations. Modern technology was used to create the 20mm Adjustable Pig Signaler to address this demand. As the pig travels through the pipeline, this invasive pig signaler is designed to physically engage with it, sending both manual and electronic signals to signify the pig’s passing. This pig signaler provides unmatched customization and dependability for your pipeline operations thanks to its flange attachment, adjustable insertion depth, and bi-directional or uni-directional trigger choices.

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Design and Installation

The 20mm Adjustable Pig Signaler is an intrusive type, meaning it is installed inside the pipe to make direct contact with the cleaning pig as it passes by. The device is securely attached to the pipeline using a flange, ensuring a stable and robust connection. One of its standout features is the adjustable insertion depth of up to 20mm, allowing for fine-tuning based on the specific requirements of your pipeline.

Trigger Mechanism

The trigger mechanism of this pig signaler is bi-directional, capable of detecting pigs moving in either direction through the pipeline. For operations that require monitoring in only one direction, a uni-directional trigger option is also available. This flexibility allows for customization according to customer needs.

Signal Indicators

The 20mm Adjustable Pig Signaler employs a dual signaling system. Firstly, it features a manual reset flag that changes direction to indicate the passage of a pig. This provides a quick and easy visual cue for operators. Secondly, it is equipped with electrical signals that can be integrated into your control system, offering real-time monitoring and data logging capabilities.

Versatility and Customization

This pig signaler is designed to adapt to various operational needs. Whether you require bi-directional or uni-directional triggering or need to adjust the depth of insertion for specific pipeline configurations, this device can be customized to meet your requirements.

20mm Adjustable Pig Signaler

Basic Features or Parameters:

  • Type: Intrusive
  • Connection type: Flange connection
  • Indicator feature: Manual reset flag combined with electrical signals (Manual reset flag and Date and time display combined with electrical signals can also be made)
  • Installing type: 2” Flange. As per ASME B16.5(CLASS150-2500)
  • Plug body length: 200mm/Meet the actual needs
  • Insert depth adjustment: 20mm
  • Operating temperature: -20~120℃/Meet customer requirements
  • NACE MR 0175: Yes
  • Ingress protection: IP66
  • Explosion-proof class: Exd II BT4
  • Remove under pressure: No
  • Trigger type: Bi-directional (Uni-directional trigger can also be made)
  • Internal part material: PTFE Coated A105N is standard configuration (304SS/316LSS/DSS/INCONEL/As per MR can meet customer needs)
  • Junction box material: Aluminium alloy/316SS
  • Switch type: DPDT/2*SPDT
  • Switch rating: DC24V 3A/DC24V 5A

Advantages of the 20mm Adjustable Pig Signaler

  1. Remote Monitoring Capability: The integration of electrical signals eliminates the need for close-up inspections to confirm pig passage. This feature allows operators to receive real-time updates from a distance, enhancing convenience and operational efficiency.
  2. Precision Insertion: The 20mm adjustability in insertion depth enables precise positioning within the pipeline, accommodating different operational requirements and ensuring accurate pig detection.
  3. Flange Connection: Unlike welded options that require material compatibility with the pipeline, this pig signaler uses a flange connection. This design offers greater flexibility in material selection while ensuring a secure attachment.
  4. Bi-Directional Sensing: The device is capable of detecting pig movement in both directions—whether coming from the launch or receiving end—ensuring comprehensive monitoring of pig passages.

By addressing these key areas, the 20mm Adjustable Pig Signaler offers a versatile and reliable solution for modern pipeline operations.


The 20mm Adjustable Pig Signaler is an indispensable tool for modern pipeline operations, offering a blend of reliability, adaptability, and precision. Its bi-directional mechanisms and customizable features make it a versatile choice for ensuring the effective and safe passage of cleaning pigs in oil and gas pipelines.



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