Scraping Pipeline Pigs


The Scraping Pipeline Pig features a robust steel framework fitted with 2–4 sealed cups or a steel brush. This product has been extensively and successfully used by major oil fields in China, like Daqing and Liaohe, where its reliable performance and quality have consistently garnered positive feedback.


Product Name: Scraping Pipeline Pigs

The Scraping Pipeline Pig features a robust steel framework fitted with 2–4 sealed cups or a steel brush. This product has been extensively and successfully used by major oil fields in China, like Daqing and Liaohe, where its reliable performance and quality have consistently garnered positive feedback. Our experts are on standby to provide more detailed information about the Scraping Pipeline Pigs upon request.

Scraping Pipe Pig


The Scraping Pipeline Pig is built around a solid steel framework, equipped with 2-4 sealed cups or a steel brush. The material for the cups varies and can include Polyurethane, Viton, Neoprene, or Nitrile butadiene. It’s designed for new pipeline pigging, drainage, water resistance, and media isolation tasks.

Scraping Pipeline Pigs

Cup Material
Middle Material
Carbon Steel, 304 SS, 316 SS, 316 LSS, F51, F53, F55, Inconel
Medium Temperature
-40 Deg.C ~ +120 Deg.C
Size Range
2 inches ~ 60 inches


Key Features

The Scraping Pipeline Pigs are noted for their excellent wear resistance and strong passing ability. It’s highly efficient in cleaning, offers precise location and tracking, and has a low rate of false positives, among other beneficial attributes. This Scraping Pipeline Pig, with its comprehensive set of features, aims to provide a reliable, efficient, and safe solution for pipeline maintenance and cleaning operations. The Scraping Pipeline Pig stands out for its distinct, advantageous features that contribute to its high operational performance:

  1. Superior Wear Resistance: The pig is engineered with materials that withstand continuous use and harsh conditions, enhancing its service life and reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  2. Exceptional Maneuverability: With its robust passing ability, the pig is designed to navigate through the pipeline, even in areas with bends or irregularities, ensuring effective cleaning throughout the entire system.
  3. Efficient Cleaning Capability: The pig excels at removing unwanted deposits and debris from pipelines, contributing to improved flow and overall pipeline performance.
  4. Precise Location and Tracking: Equipped with advanced tracking technology, the pig can be accurately located within the pipeline, allowing for effective monitoring and control during cleaning operations.
  5. Minimal False Positives: The pig’s sophisticated design and technology result in a low rate of false positives, ensuring accurate detection and reporting of pipeline conditions.
  6. Optimal Compatibility: The pig’s design allows for use in a wide range of pipeline sizes and types, making it a versatile tool for varied industry applications.
  7. Ease of Operation: Despite its advanced features, the pig is user-friendly, enabling operators to manage pipeline cleaning operations with ease and efficiency.
  8. Safety Compliance: Adhering to industry safety standards, the pig is designed to ensure safe and reliable operations, minimizing risks associated with pipeline maintenance.


Applications of the Scraping Pipeline Pigs

Scraping Pipeline Pigs serve a variety of applications across different industries, primarily in the maintenance and optimization of pipeline systems. Their design and functionalities cater to a wide range of operational requirements, reinforcing their essential role in pipeline management.

Primary among pigging applications is pipeline cleaning. Scraping Pipeline Pigs are instrumental in removing unwanted deposits, debris, and buildup that can obstruct fluid flow over time. This process not only maximizes the operational efficiency of pipelines but also extends their lifespan by reducing the likelihood of corrosion. This application is particularly crucial in industries that transport substances like oil, gas, or chemicals, where pipeline integrity directly impacts operational safety and effectiveness.

Scraping Pipeline Pigs are also used for pipeline inspection, known as “intelligent” or “smart” pigging. Equipped with advanced technology such as magnetic flux leakage detectors or ultrasonic sensors, pigs can identify anomalies like dents, cracks, or corrosion within the pipeline. This real-time data allows for proactive maintenance, ensuring pipeline integrity, preventing costly repairs or shutdowns, and enhancing overall safety. Moreover, in multi-product pipelines, pigs are used for product separation to prevent cross-contamination between different substances, ensuring the purity and quality of the transported materials.

Oil Pipelines

Two Types of Scraping Pipeline Pigs

Classifications according to specific functions:

  1. Conventional pigs, which are primarily employed for descaling and cleaning operations within pipelines.
  2. Intelligent pigs use advanced technologies such as eddy current, ultrasonic, and magnetic flux leakage to conduct internal inspections of pipelines. These pigs are adept at detecting deformations, corrosion, and mechanical damage inside the pipeline.
  Polyurethane Test Report
Shore Hardness
Shore A
i.e. GB/T 531.1-2008
DIN Abrasion
i.e. GB/T 53516-1987
100% Modulus
i.e. GB/T 528-2009
300% Modulus
i.e. GB/T 528-2009
Tensile Strength
i.e. GB/T 528-2009
Elongation at Break
i.e. GB/T 528-2009
Tear strength (right angle)
i.e. GB/T 529-2008
Compression set
i.e. GB/T 1681-2009

Oil Pipelines

Our Service

Our Service Commitments

We specialize in providing a diverse array of Scraping Pipeline Pigs, each designed to accommodate specific pipeline requirements. We encourage you to connect with us to find the solution that best serves your unique needs.

To demonstrate the superior quality of our products, we offer the provision for clients to request sample units, facilitating informed decision-making.

We prioritize swift and efficient customer service. Our dedicated team is on standby to provide immediate responses and address all your inquiries.

We are committed to delivering your orders as quickly as possible. With our 24/7 online support, we ensure constant and immediate assistance, no matter when you need it.

Packaging and Delivery

We package our products in cases for their numerous advantages:

  1. Lightweight and robust: Our CASES are designed to be light yet strong, with clean lines and insulating properties, while remaining resistant to deformation.
  2. Fumigation-free: The use of these CASES eliminates the need for fumigation, facilitating a more efficient shipping process.

Our mission is to deliver top-tier Scraping Pipeline Pigs promptly and efficiently, always prioritizing customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing a seamless service experience, from order placement to delivery.


In summary, the Scraping Pipeline Pig is a comprehensive, reliable solution for pipeline maintenance and optimization operations. Built with a robust steel framework and equipped with 2-4 sealed cups or a steel brush, it offers superior wear resistance, exceptional maneuverability, efficient cleaning capability, and precise location tracking. It is designed to work in a wide range of temperatures and pipeline sizes, making it a versatile tool for various industry applications.

Its successful use in major oil fields in China, such as Daqing and Liaohe, attests to its quality and performance. Whether for conventional cleaning tasks or advanced internal inspections using intelligent pigging techniques, the Scraping Pipeline Pig continues to play a crucial role in maintaining pipeline integrity and safety, enhancing operational efficiency, and preventing costly shutdowns.

Our team of experts stands ready to provide further details and assist you in selecting the most suitable Scraping Pipeline Pig for your specific needs. We remain committed to delivering products that live up to high standards of quality, performance, and customer satisfaction.


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