Criss Cross Foam Cleaning Pig



What is a Criss Cross Foam Cleaning Pig?

In the oil and gas industry, keeping pipelines clean is very important. EMT’s foam pig, with its innovative design and superior performance, meets the industry’s need for an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective pig. The surface of the crisscross foam cleaning pig body is coated with polyurethane material in the form of a cross. It has good flexibility, good wear resistance, and good deformation. The diameter reduction can reach 50%, and the allowable pipe deformation is 50% ~ 60%. It is a kind of foam pig that is widely used. In addition to cleaning, it can also absorb water in the pipelines. The crisscross foam cleaning pig is made of a special high-density foam material that can easily accommodate a variety of pipe shapes and sizes, even through complex pipe bends.To ensure that the conduit remains unobstructed, it is capable of efficiently eliminating liquid, sediment, and other impurities present within it. Its lightweight materials and simple structure make the installation and use process very easy. No complicated steps are required, and there is no expensive equipment. To begin the cleaning procedure, simply insert the foam pig into the pipe and allow fluid pressure to push it forward.

Criss Cross Foam Cleaning Pig

What is the material density of the Criss Cross Foam Cleaning Pig?

There are three levels of density in the criss-cross foam pig: low density, middle density, and high density.
Low density: 25~35 kg/m³
Middle density: 90~120kg/m³
High density: 120~220kg/m³

If you need other density foam pigs, you can contact our EMT team. We will provide you with the best option.

What are the wear characteristics of the Criss Cross Foam Cleaning Pig during its lifecycle?

The wear characteristics of such pigs can largely depend on several factors, including:

  1. Pipeline Condition: The condition of the pipeline significantly influences the wear and tear on the pig. For instance, pipelines with rough internal surfaces, sharp bends, or heavy deposits of debris can contribute to faster wear.
  2. Frequency of Use: The more frequently the pig is used, the quicker it will wear out. However, high-quality foam pigs are designed to endure numerous runs before needing replacement.
  3. Type of Debris: The type of debris and the amount of solid or semi-solid materials in the pipeline can impact the wear of the pig. Harder materials can cause more wear than softer materials.
  4. Operating Pressure: Higher operating pressures can put more strain on the pig, potentially leading to faster wear.

What are the procedures for handling and storing the Criss Cross Foam Cleaning Pig to ensure its longevity and effectiveness?

To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the Criss Cross Foam Cleaning Pig, certain procedures for handling and storage should be carefully followed: Handling: Always use clean, dry gloves when handling foam pigs to prevent contamination with oil, chemicals, or other substances that may degrade the foam. Do not drag foam pigs on the ground or pull them with hooks or tongs, as this can damage the foam. Inspection: Regularly inspect foam pigs for signs of wear or damage. Look for tears, deep scratches, or areas where the foam has been compressed or lost its resilience. If any of these signs are evident, it may be time to retire the pig. Storage: Store foam pigs in a clean, dry environment, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. UV light can degrade foam over time, and very hot or cold temperatures can affect the foam’s properties. Avoid stacking heavy objects on top of foam pigs, as this can cause them to deform and lose their effectiveness.

Criss Cross Foam Cleaning Pig

Application Fields

Criss Cross Foam Cleaning Pigs are applicable to numerous industries, including the injection and water sectors, oil and gas pipelines, and pre-cleaning of new pipelines and routine maintenance of existing pipelines. These pigs deliver exceptional cleaning results.

Advantages of Criss Cross Foam Cleaning Pigs

EMT Criss Cross Foam Cleaning Pigs offer unparalleled value in comparison to other prominent brands. The high-density foam material we utilize boasts excellent resistance to wear and corrosion, ensuring a prolonged service life for the pig. In addition, our custom service caters to your unique requirements, providing you with the most suitable pig for your specific operations.

Choosing an EMT Criss Cross Foam Cleaning Pig represents not just an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective pipeline cleaning solution but also a strategic decision to enhance your production efficiency and profitability. Our products are designed to save you time, reduce costs, and boost your bottom line.

At EMT, we believe that selecting a pig is about more than just a product; it’s about choosing a reliable partner. As such, we are committed to providing you with superior-quality products and outstanding service to help you overcome any challenges and meet all your needs.

Incorporate the EMT Criss Cross Foam Cleaning Pig into your operations and join us in creating a more efficient and reliable oil and gas delivery system. Our skilled staff is always accessible to answer your inquiries and provide assistance.

Moreover, EMT pigging foam pigs are designed with the environment in mind. The foam we use is recyclable at the end of its life, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact.

Why Choose EMT Pigs?

Let us demonstrate why the EMT Criss Cross Foam Cleaning Pig is the ideal selection for you. We encourage you to reach out to our team of specialists to explore more about our products and let us assist you in identifying the solution that perfectly aligns with your needs.

Regardless of the scale of your operations or the intricacy of your pipeline system, EMT Criss Cross Foam Cleaning Pigs prove to be a trustworthy and efficient choice. We are eager to collaborate with you, offering robust support for your business and paving the way to mutual success.

Don’t hesitate! Opt for the EMT Criss Cross Foam Cleaning Pig to enhance the efficiency and profitability of your oil and gas operations. We anticipate your reach out and look forward to forging a prosperous future together.



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