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The feature of EMT Quick Opening Closures is their quick opening capability.  It’s a functionality that streamlines operations and bolsters efficiency.



Quick opening closures may seem like a trivial component, but their role is crucial. They allow quick and easy access to pressure vessels, a feature that becomes critical in emergencies. The EMT Quick Opening Closures go beyond providing basic access – they ensure safety, a paramount concern in high-pressure scenarios. These closures have become a pivotal part of the high-pressure application ecosystem, standing as an embodiment of safety, efficiency, and reliability.

quick opening closure 9 (1)Description

The crowning feature of EMT Quick Opening Closures is their quick opening capability. In fact, this distinctive attribute confers universal access to pressure vessels, a critical requirement in numerous industrial processes. It’s a functionality that streamlines operations and bolsters efficiency.

Besides, beyond operational ease, this feature becomes crucial in contingency scenarios where swift access can mitigate potential harm and enable timely remedial actions.

In designing these closures, EMT has employed advanced computer-aided technology, reflecting their commitment to innovation. This technology has made it possible to refine closure design with an unprecedented level of accuracy and sophistication. The resultant closures are not just efficient but also excel in safety performance.

At every stage, from design to manufacturing, EMT prioritizes safety. This heightened focus on safety ensures that every EMT Quick Opening Closure contributes positively to operational safety in high-pressure applications.


First, the EMT Quick Opening Closures are built with special safety features right into the closure system. These important parts make sure the closures work well, even in really tough situations. While every closure is made to handle a lot of pressure, having these extra safety parts makes them even safer to use. This makes them a reliable choice for many uses where high pressure is involved.

Second, another good thing about the EMT Quick Opening Closures is their flexibility. They are custom-made to fit both sideways and upright setups, making them really handy to use. This flexibility, along with different door hinge options, ensures a perfect fit no matter how they’re installed. So, people can trust EMT Closures to match their specific needs and space limits.

Finally, the materials used to make the closures and their unique seal design show EMT’s dedication to quality. The closures are made from really strong, top-quality materials, showing that the company always meets tough international standards. This also means the closures will last a long time, so they won’t need to be replaced often.

Plus, the closures have a unique seal design with a special spring that stops leaks, ensuring a really tight seal. With the option for water pressure testing and a variety of seal materials to choose from, EMT Quick Opening Closures are a great mix of usefulness and quality.

quick opening closure 9 (2)Applications

Quick Opening Closures have shown their usefulness in many different jobs, making them important across various industrial activities. One important use is in pipeline pig traps. These devices, key for keeping pipelines working well, depend a lot on closures for safe and easy use.

The Quick Opening Closures, with their strong design and easy-to-use nature, make putting in and taking out pipeline pigs simpler, making the maintenance work smoother.

Quick Opening Closures are also used in filters and coalescers, both very important parts in many industries. In filters, closures make sure there is a safe seal but also allow easy access for regular maintenance and changing of filters.

Likewise, in coalescers, which are needed for separating liquids that don’t mix well and removing dirt, the closures give reliable access for cleaning and maintenance. The way these closures can improve how these important machines work shows their wide use and importance.

Pressure vessel quick opening closure 3


First, in terms of technical specifications, the EMT Quick Opening Closures come in an extensive size range and class ratings. Further specifications include closure orientation, termination design specifications, types of connections, and materials of construction.

Nominal Diameter

Secondly, the EMT Quick Opening Closures set themselves apart with a list of remarkable features that can meet a wide variety of needs. They come in many sizes, giving choices for different widths, up to a maximum of 1800mm (DN ≤1800mm). This range of options guarantees that there’s a fitting closure for almost every job, no matter how big or small the operation is.

So, with their flexible design, these closures can accommodate just about any requirement, making them a go-to solution in many scenarios.

Design pressure

Furthermore, these quick opening closures are designed to withstand significant pressures, with a design pressure rating of up to 40 MPa (PN ≤40MPa). This robust pressure handling capability makes these closures an excellent choice for high-pressure applications, including those involving oil, gas, or water mediums.

Design Temperature

Besides, the operating temperature range for the EMT Quick Opening Closures is another standout specification. With a design temperature ranging from -50℃ to 300℃, these closures can perform reliably in both extremely cold and hot conditions. This wide temperature tolerance underlines their adaptability to diverse working environments.

EMT closures also offer a variety of connection types and orientation options, catering to specific installation requirements. These features, coupled with comprehensive termination design specifications, ensure a seamless fit with various system configurations.


In terms of materials, EMT offers a broad selection, including 16Mn, A350LF2, A105, SS304, SS316, F51, F53, F55, INCONEL625, and HASTELLOY C. These materials, known for their strength and durability, contribute to the overall resilience of the closures.

Additionally, the closures accommodate a pipe thickness between 6mm and 100mm, providing further flexibility for different application demands.

The extensive range of specifications underscores EMT’s commitment to providing versatile, robust, and reliable quick-opening closures for high-pressure applications.

Technical indicators:

  1. Nominal Diameter DN: ≤1800mm
  2. Design pressure PN: ≤40MPa
  3. Working Medium: oil, gas, water
  4. Design Temperature: -50℃~300℃
  5. Material: 16Mn, A350LF2, A105, SS304, SS316, F51, F53, F55, INCONEL625, HASTELLOY C
  6. Pipe Thickness: 6mm~100mm

Quick opening closure_3




Leakage at the blind plate seal

①There is dirt on the sealing groove, sealing surface, and O-ring surface;

②Aging of the sealing ring

Clean it up and install the seal

Leak at safety interlock

①There is dirt on the sealing groove, sealing surface, and O-ring surface;

② The sealing ring is aging.

Clean it up and install the seal

The blind cover and the blind seat are dislocated

Slewing mechanism parts loose or displaced

①Up and down dislocation: adjust the adjusting nut on the rotary hinge shaft;

②Dislocation from left to right: Adjust the positioning screw on the shaft sleeve

Other faults

Contact the manufacturer


For further assistance, EMT offers quick opening closure maintenance services. You can download resources related to these closures from our website.

Where to Buy Quick Opening Closures

Contact our EMT Engineering team for consultations. You can also locate our distributors to procure our closures.


Most importantly, EMT Quick Opening Closures have greatly improved safety, usefulness, and ease of use. Thanks to their careful design, they make working with pressure vessels more efficient and dependable.

EMTs’ focus on safety and usefulness in their Quick Opening Closures sets the stage for the future in this field. Their products represent not just a purchase of top-of-the-line technology, but also a promise to keep workers safe, improve work efficiency, and care for the environment.

In an industry that depends on trust and performance, EMT Quick Opening Closures provide a strong base. Whether you’re working with pipeline pig traps, filters, or other high-pressure jobs, choosing EMT Quick Opening Closures now promises a future of safe, efficient, and dependable work for your business. Therefore, deciding to use EMT Quick Opening Closures is a smart move for building a tough and eco-friendly supply chain.




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