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The Polyurethane Cleaning Pig is a critical device in the pipeline industry, particularly for the oil and gas sectors. Made predominantly of polyurethane, it boasts attributes such as durability, flexibility, and resistance to oil and other chemicals.


Introduction of Polyurethane Cleaning Pig

The Polyurethane Cleaning Pig is a critical device in the pipeline industry, particularly for the oil and gas sectors. Made predominantly of polyurethane, it boasts attributes such as durability, flexibility, and resistance to oil and other chemicals. This tool performs routine maintenance and inspections within pipelines, eliminating sediment, scale, and other debris to maintain pipeline integrity and ensure the efficient flow of materials. Regular use of the Cleaning Pig can help in the early detection of potential issues like internal corrosion or leaks, making it a vital part of preventive maintenance strategies in pipeline management.

EMT’s Polyurethane Pigs are made of high-performance polyurethane and have outstanding wear, corrosion, and durability. The polyurethane material extends the life of the pigs, making them appropriate for long-distance pipe cleaning. The EMT Polyurethane Pigs are designed to easily negotiate intricate pipeline paths, keeping pipelines clear of trash, sediment, and other contaminants.

Polyurethane Cleaning Pig

What is Polyurethane Cleaning Pig?

When in need of a reliable and effective pipeline cleaning solution, your top option should be the EMT Polyurethane Pig. This high-quality, high-performance pig is specifically designed for the oil and gas industry. Constructed from Polyurethane, this pig offers excellent cleaning capabilities and superior passability and does not contain a skeleton. It is mold-cast from polyurethane, conferring it with enhanced wear resistance.

The EMT Polyurethane Pig displays versatility in its applications. From clearing liquid or gas accumulations to navigating intricate pipe bends it performs efficiently. Its inherent elasticity and resistance to corrosion make it a perfect fit for removing accumulations in pipes that carry corrosive chemicals.

Types of Polyurethane Cleaning Pigs

Polyurethane pigs come in a variety of designs to cater to specific pipeline cleaning needs. One such design involves shaping the pigs into bowl or straight plate configurations. The use of polyurethane as the primary material imparts the pigs with enhanced wear resistance. This characteristic, in turn, enables the pigs to operate over extended periods within pipelines, making them an optimal choice for long-distance pipe cleaning applications.

The unique properties of polyurethane contribute to the pigs’ superior cleaning effectiveness. The material’s durability and flexibility allow the pigs to traverse through pipelines with ease, effectively eliminating debris and buildup. Moreover, the one-piece casting of these pigs negates the need for additional components, simplifying the design and enhancing the ease of use.

Additionally, EMT offers the option to customize polyurethane pigs with interchangeable cups. This feature provides a cost-efficient solution as it allows the cups, rather than the entire pig, to be replaced when worn out. This adaptability ensures that the pigs can be tailored to different pipeline conditions and cleaning requirements, thereby enhancing their operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

solid cast pigs

Advantages of EMT Polyurethane Cleaning Pig

The EMT Pigging Polyurethane Pig is crafted from high-performance Polyurethane, a material known for its exceptional elasticity. This elasticity ensures the pig’s capability to navigate through complex pipeline routes with ease. Additionally, the material’s excellent wear and corrosion resistance guarantees the pig’s long-term, consistent performance. Operational simplicity is a key feature of the EMT Pigging Polyurethane Pig. The straightforward steps involved in its usage enable quick completion of cleaning tasks, thereby greatly enhancing work efficiency. Furthermore, the pig requires no maintenance, and there is no need for cleaning or inspection post-usage.

The pig’s diameter is designed to be slightly larger than the pipeline’s internal diameter. This design enables the pig to effectively remove various forms of debris, including loose sediment, product buildup, rust, and impurities, from the pipeline. Moreover, it aids in increasing the pipeline’s carrying capacity and improving the quality of the product conveyed. By default, the hardness of the pig is set at 85A±5, but options for 75A±5 and 65A±5 are also available to meet different requirements. EMT’s products, including the Pigging Polyurethane Pig, find applications across the oil and gas industry. Whether the need is for an oil pipeline, gas pipeline, water injection well, or production well, the EMT Pigging Polyurethane Pig ensures a “barrier-free” operation by providing thorough pipeline cleaning.

Polyurethane Cleaning Pig

Why choose us?

EMT Pigging’s All-Polyurethane pig stands out in the market with its superior durability, reliability, and customization options. Thanks to our in-depth research on polyurethane materials and precise ratios, our products boast an extended lifespan and enhanced reliability. We also offer personalized services to meet your specific needs, ensuring you receive the most satisfactory pipeline-cleaning pigs. By selecting our products, you’re not only choosing a high-quality pig but also partnering with a reliable team dedicated to providing excellent customer service and technical assistance.

Our All-Polyurethane pig is designed with environmental sustainability in mind, as the polyurethane material is recyclable, thereby minimizing environmental impact. In choosing EMT Pigging, you’re opting for both efficiency and eco-friendliness. For the oil and gas industry, our polyurethane pig represents an efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution for pipeline cleaning, ultimately saving time, reducing costs, and boosting productivity. We look forward to building a long-term partnership with you for a barrier-free future in the oil and gas industry.


In conclusion, EMT Pigging’s All-Polyurethane pig is a testament to innovation and excellence in the pipeline cleaning industry. With its remarkable durability, reliability, and ability to be customized, it provides an optimal solution for your pipeline maintenance requirements. Our commitment to research and precision, coupled with the inherent benefits of polyurethane, ensures a product with an extended lifespan and superior reliability. By choosing our products, you’re not only opting for quality but also partnering with a team dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and technical support.

Equally important, our All-Polyurethane pig is designed with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability. The recyclability of our polyurethane material significantly reduces its environmental impact, making EMT an eco-friendly choice. For the oil and gas industry, we offer an efficient, safe, and cost-effective pipeline cleaning solution that saves time, reduces costs, and boosts productivity. As we look forward to forging a long-term partnership with you, we stand committed to a barrier-free future in the oil and gas industry, offering reliable, efficient, and eco-conscious pipeline cleaning solutions.


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