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The EMT Corrosion Probe is a sophisticated instrument designed to monitor and measure corrosion in pipelines and equipment.


Online Corrosion Monitoring SystemIntroduction of the Corrosion Probe

The EMT corrosion probe is a precision instrument used to monitor and measure corrosion in pipes and equipment. In industries where infrastructure longevity and safety are critical, corrosion monitoring is essential. It helps detect potential problems early, thereby preventing catastrophic failures and costly repairs.

EMT online corrosion monitoring and remote data acquisition system is the key component of the online resistance corrosion detection system. The system works by measuring the change in the resistance value of the corrosion probe sensitive elements so that the degree of corrosion dilution of these elements can be calculated.

When the material that corrodes the sensor of the probe matches the material of the pipe or equipment, the corrosion rate of the sensor over time can be measured. The calculated corrosion rate represents the corrosion rate of the pipeline or equipment, enabling effective online corrosion monitoring.

The wireless transmitter is designed with a sealed explosion-proof structure, which is suitable for the petrochemical industry. The remote data acquisition system is composed of a power supply module, a measurement and control logic module, and data transmission module. Once configured with the ID provided during the manufacturing process, it can begin to operate normally.

To use the Portable Data Logger, follow these steps:

Start the tablet and open the Bluetooth window software. Once the driver software has started, the device is connected, and the settings are minimized.

Open the EMT software and configure the window settings for connecting to the device. Then continue to scan the device. When the connection is successful, stop scanning and continue downloading data. Data spanning different time periods is automatically converted into data curves. Click on the data curve to see it.

At the same time, the corrosion rate can be calculated. To do this, select a point to start the data collection and then select another point to end the data collection. Next, click on corrosion rate calculation; This will generate a value. The next steps will be based on this value.

corrosion monitoring probes

Working Principles of EMT Corrosion Probe

The working principle of the EMT corrosion probe is based on the resistance change of its sensitive element. When corrosion occurs, the physical size of the probe sensing element changes, causing its resistance to change as well.

Let’s think of it this way: the sensitive element in the detector is like a narrow channel through which the current must pass. When corrosion occurs, this path becomes thinner and longer, making it harder for current to pass through. This change is what the detector measures, and how it determines that corrosion is occurring.

By measuring these changes in resistance, the probe can calculate how thin the corrosion is. Just like the detector can tell us how much the shape of the imaginary path has changed, and thus tell us how much corrosion has occurred. This information is invaluable for understanding corrosion rates and taking timely preventive measures.

To assemble the Corrosion Probe, follow these steps:

First, connect the plug assembly to the probe. The seal is located on the white part of the plug assembly, ensuring a tight fit between the base and the plug assembly. Note that this is a reverse thread, so you need to tighten it in the opposite direction and secure it with a wrench.

Next, insert the plug assembly into the base and tighten it. Usually, the base is welded to the pipe. When finished, install the shield on the base.

Second, align the notch on the probe adapter with the keyway on the probe. Insert the adapter and probe together, tighten the threads, and then secure the nut to the top. The nut prevents the adapter from rotating during operation.

Third, install a wireless transmitter and connect it to a power source. Be sure to avoid connections in explosion-proof areas. Then, connect the two white sockets together. The green light should flash for a few seconds and then turn off automatically. After the power is connected, install the protective cover of the wireless transmitter and transport it to the site.

Upon arrival, remove the red protective cap from the wireless transmitter plug. The key position on the wireless transmitter should correspond to the key position on the adapter. Insert them accordingly. Connect and tighten the nut, then tighten with a wrench.

Finally, use the top screw to lock the assembly. At this point, the installation of the entire equipment is complete.

Corrosion Probe

Online Corrosion Monitoring

EMT corrosion probes play a key role in the field of on-line corrosion monitoring. It has been dedicated to monitoring the integrity of pipes and equipment, providing real-time updates on corrosion status by measuring changes in resistance.

The advantages of real-time corrosion rate monitoring are significant and multifaceted. One of the main benefits is the early detection of corrosion. This allows for timely intervention, potentially preventing small problems from developing into major infrastructure setbacks.

In addition, real-time monitoring can significantly improve long-term cost efficiency. By effectively managing and mitigating corrosion, the service life of pipes and equipment can be greatly extended, reducing the need for expensive replacement.

Finally, real-time monitoring raises safety standards by minimizing the risk of accidental equipment failure. This proactive approach to maintenance enables operators to anticipate and respond to problems rather than react to them.


In conclusion, EMT corrosion probes are a very effective tool for monitoring and managing corrosion, especially in industries where infrastructure integrity is critical. Its innovative design and use of resistance measurement principles allow for accurate, real-time monitoring of corrosion rates. This timely detection and monitoring can prevent potentially catastrophic infrastructure failures and ensure the safety and service life of pipelines and equipment. In addition, the cost benefits achieved by extending equipment life and preventing premature replacement underscore the economic value of EMT corrosion probes.

Ultimately, EMT corrosion probes represent a significant advance in the field of corrosion monitoring. By providing real-time data, facilitating early intervention and raising safety standards, it has greatly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of industrial operations. Given the importance of infrastructure maintenance and management, the role of tools such as EMT corrosion probes cannot be overemphasized. As the industry continues to evolve and grow, it is expected that the demand for such sophisticated monitoring tools will only increase, further emphasizing their value in the modern industrial sector.


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