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Corrosion coupon is a reliable and certified tool for oil and gas industry applications, ensuring accurate monitoring of corrosion rates.



In the oil and gas industry, accurate monitoring of corrosion rates is critical to minimizing maintenance and repair costs associated with material failures. A cost-effective and reliable method of online monitoring is the use of corrosion coupons. By measuring the corrosion rate each year, you can provide valuable information about the corrosiveness of the system. In this article, we will explore the importance of corrosion coupons in the oil and gas industry and how they can help ensure the life and integrity of materials in a variety of applications.

corrosion coupon

What are Corrosion Coupons?

Corrosion coupons are used to detect corrosion of water systems over time. The coupons are made of different materials that are initially weighed without any corrosion and then compared to their weight after being exposed to water for a specific period of time. Common exposure periods include 60, 90, or 120 days. By monitoring changes in the amount of corrosion, important insights into corrosion trends and the effectiveness of chemical treatment options can be gained.

Benefits of Corrosion Coupons in the Oil and Gas Industry:

There are several key benefits to using corrosion coupons in the oil and gas industry. First, corrosion coupons provide an effective way to detect corrosion and track its progress. By observing changes in joint weight and appearance, operators can assess the effectiveness of corrosion control measures and make informed decisions about maintenance and repair. Corrosion coupons are also relatively easy to use, and operators can identify corrosion by visually comparing the coupons before and after exposure.

corrosion coupon

Effective Utilization of Corrosion Coupons:

To ensure accurate test results, several variables should be considered during corrosion coupon analysis. Care should be taken to avoid touching the coupons with bare hands, as the oil from the skin can promote corrosion and bias the test results. It is essential to maintain a constant flow at a recommended velocity of 3-5 feet per second during the test period. Flow rates below 3 fps can lead to particulate settlement on the coupon, introducing bias, while rates exceeding 5 fps may erode softer metals. Additionally, the timing of corrosion coupon tests should be considered, avoiding the spring and fall seasons in comfort cooling systems to ensure consistent flow and more realistic results.

Proper installation of the coupon rack is crucial for accurate test results. The temperature of the water can affect the corrosion rate, so positioning the coupon rack either before or after the heat source or tower can impact the corrosion rates measured. The order of coupons in the rack is important, with less noble metals like carbon steel placed upstream of more noble metals such as copper to prevent artificial corrosion rates due to plating. It is also essential to avoid installing corrosion coupons in systems with oil or hydrocarbon contamination, as this can lead to artificially high corrosion rates.

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

In order to guarantee the effectiveness of corrosion coupons, it is important to avoid common mistakes. A common mistake is not to consider the system type. Open systems tend to exhibit more corrosion and greater variability. Closed systems typically experience less corrosion and variability. It is also critical to test various locations within the system for a comprehensive diagnosis, rather than focusing on a single point. Inconsistent monitoring or replacement of corrosion plates can prevent accurate tracking of pitting and irregularities on the inner surface. It is important to always follow instructions to get reliable and meaningful data.

Corrosion Coupons in the Oil and Gas Industry:

In the oil and gas industry, corrosion coupons play a vital role in monitoring water quality and preventing material failure. Pipelines, tanks and equipment are exposed to corrosive environments for long periods of time and are vulnerable to corrosion. Corrosion tickets provide a way to proactively detect corrosion and evaluate the effectiveness of corrosion control measures. By implementing corrosion coupon programs, companies can ensure the integrity of their infrastructure and reduce maintenance costs.

corrosion coupon


In the oil and gas industry, corrosion coupons are a valuable tool for monitoring corrosion rates and evaluating the effectiveness of corrosion control measures. By effectively utilizing corrosion tickets, operators can detect corrosion in a timely manner, evaluate treatment options, and make informed decisions about maintenance and repair, ultimately extending the life expectancy of materials and reducing costs.

In the oil and gas industry, corrosion poses a significant risk to the integrity of infrastructure, and the use of corrosion coupons is essential. They provide valuable information about the corrosiveness of a system, enabling operators to detect corrosion, evaluate treatment options, and make informed decisions about maintenance and repair.

Proper use of corrosion slag includes consideration of variables such as system design, flow rate, temperature, and avoidance of hydrocarbon contamination. Following recommended installation and handling procedures, maintaining a consistent process, and following test instructions are critical to obtaining accurate and meaningful data. By avoiding common mistakes and implementing effective corrosion coupon programs, operators can ensure the useful life and integrity of their infrastructure while minimizing maintenance and repair costs.

All in all, corrosion coupons are an important tool for monitoring corrosion rates in the oil and gas industry. Its ease of use, effectiveness in detecting corrosion, and ability to evaluate treatment options make it an indispensable tool for maintaining infrastructure integrity. By implementing corrosion coupon programs and following best practices, operators can effectively manage corrosion, reduce costs, and ensure the service life of their systems. Using corrosion coupons as part of a comprehensive corrosion management strategy is critical to the long-term success and reliability of the oil and gas industry.




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