Bi-di Cleaning Pig


Bi-di Cleaning Pig is a device specifically designed to maintain and clean pipes in a variety of industries. These tools are often referred to simply as “pigs” and are equipped with a disc.



The Concept of Disc Cleaning Pigs

Bi-di Cleaning Pig is a cleaning tool specifically designed to maintain and clean pipelines in a variety of industries. These tools are often referred to simply as “pigs” and are equipped with a disc. The disc can play a certain supporting role, but also can remove debris or sediment in the pipe. The disc is typically made of a durable and flexible material. The bi-di cleaning pigs can pass through bends, ensuring thorough cleaning. These pigs play a vital role in keeping the pipeline operating efficiently, reducing potential clogging and reducing the risk of corrosion.

Pipe cleaning is done by a pig, pig (also called pipe pig) is a special tool used to clean the pipe driven by gas, liquid or pipeline transport medium (oil, natural gas liquid). They can remove crude oil and debris inside the pipeline in operation, and reduce the corrosion damage to the inner wall of the pipeline; It can also re-define the pipeline direction; Detection of pipeline deformation; Check the integrity rate of valves along the line; Reduce the working back pressure and so on. The pipe pig moves slowly in the pipe, arching inside like a pig, and will not look back. Another reason is that when it works, it makes a harsh and unpleasant sound, similar to the howl of a Pig, so it is named Pig, which is still used today. According to the appearance, the pig can be divided into leather bowl type, straight plate type, foam type, buckling detector type and intelligent type. The lower the temperature of the crude oil, the easier it is to deposit wax, and the most common straight plate pipe pig can remove deposited wax from the pipe wall.

Fluororubber Pipeline Cleaning Pig

Significance of Pipeline Maintenance

First, the importance of pipeline maintenance
1. The importance of safety
Pipeline maintenance work is first reflected in the safety aspect.
The production and life of modern society are inseparable from various pipes, such as water pipes, gas pipes, oil pipes, heat pipes and so on. During the use of these pipelines, due to various reasons, such as aging, damage, water leakage, etc., it is easy to cause safety accidents, seriously endangering people’s lives and property safety. Therefore, the regular maintenance of the pipeline can effectively reduce pipeline failures and avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.
2. The importance of economic
Pipeline maintenance is also reflected in the economy.
For enterprises, the pipeline is an essential equipment in the production process, if the pipeline fails, it will directly affect the production and bring economic losses. For individuals, pipeline maintenance is also essential. For example, at home, if there is a problem with the water pipe, gas pipe, heat pipe, etc., it will not only cause inconvenience, but also increase the cost of repair, and may even bring greater economic losses. Therefore, regular maintenance of pipelines can effectively avoid pipeline failures, reduce maintenance costs, and improve economic benefits.
3. The importance of environmental protection
Pipeline maintenance is also reflected in environmental protection.
The development of modern society is inseparable from pipeline transportation, but pipeline transportation also brings certain environmental pollution. For example, the leakage of oil, natural gas, and other pipelines will directly pollute the soil and water, and pose a serious threat to the ecological environment. Therefore, regular maintenance of the pipeline can not only effectively reduce the risk of pipeline leakage, but also reduce environmental pollution, protect the ecological environment, and achieve sustainable development.

Mechanics of Bi-di Cleaning Pigs

Bi-di cleaning pigs have unique engineering and practical functions to navigate pipes, remove debris and ensure optimal flow. At the heart of their function is the disc, which is the workhorse component that makes these pigs work effectively. The disc is cleverly attached to the pig for flexibility, allowing the pig to adapt to different pipe diameters and pass through any bend or angle. As the pig moves through the pipe, the disc scrapes off any buildup on the pipe wall, collecting debris to remove at the end of the process. The mechanical action of the disc, combined with the pressure of the pipeline flow, ensures a comprehensive cleaning process.

The Role and Functionality

Bi-di Cleaning Pig’s disc plays a multi-faceted role. They are the main cleaning component, scraping debris from the inner walls of the pipe. In essence, during the pigging process, the valve disc plays both a cleaning and a protective role, ensuring operational efficiency and product integrity.



Applications of Bi-di Cleaning Pigs

Disc cleaners are used in many industries, primarily those that rely on piping systems for fluid transport. Their primary role is to ensure the cleanliness and efficiency of these pipes, which is essential for the overall performance and safety of the operation.

Industries Benefiting from Bi-di Cleaning Pigs

In the pharmaceutical industry, pipe hygiene is critical and disc cleaning cleaners help maintain the high standards required for pharmaceutical production. Therefore, disk cleaning machines have a wide range of applications to help improve the safety and efficiency of operations.

ABS cleaning pig

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical life of a Bi-di Cleaning Pig?

The service life of disc cleaners can vary greatly depending on pipe conditions and disc material, but usually they can be used dozens of times.

Can Bi-di Cleaning Pig be used for any type of pipe?

Yes, Bi-di Cleaning Pig can be used on most types of pipes; However, their design and materials may need to be adjusted according to the diameter, length and nature of the fluid being transported.

How does the size and shape of the pipe affect the effectiveness of the disc cleaning pig?

The size and shape of the pipe have a great influence on the cleaning effect of the disk washer. Large or irregularly shaped pipes may require custom cleaners for the best cleaning results.

Does the Bi-di Cleaning Pig remove all types of pipe debris?

While a dish pig can effectively remove a variety of debris, the removal efficiency is affected by the type and consistency of debris as well as the material and design of the pig.


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