Bandlock Closure


The EMT Bandlock Closure is a highly valuable tool in the realm of quick-opening closures. Its unique features and efficient performance have made it a preferred choice for many applications.


A Bnadlock Closure is a type of secure cover for a container or pipeline that can be easily and quickly opened or closed. It is used in various industries like oil, gas, or food processing. The closure has several parts, such as a cover, a lock ring, and a handle. When you turn the handle, the lock ring changes size, helping the closure to open or close quickly. This makes it very helpful for tasks that require frequent access to the inside of the container or pipeline.

Bandlock Closure

Bandlock Closure Features

This item has a smart design and looks good. It has a special seal structure that tightens itself, which makes the seal safer and more trustworthy. So, compared to similar items made in our country, it opens and closes quicker, and it’s easier to use by hand. It comes with a safety lock system to make sure it’s safe and reliable.

The main parts of this Bandlock Closure item are a cover, a cylinder, a lock ring, a safety lock system, a rotating arm system, and an opening and closing system. You use the switch handle to turn the handle base clockwise or counterclockwise, and the lock ring can get bigger or smaller. This is how the Bandlock Closure quickly opens and closes.

Structure of Bandlock Closure

The Bandlock Closure incorporates an open-head cover structure. Its components include a cylinder flange around which an opening device is affixed. This opening device consists of a mounting plate that is connected to a cam via a camshaft. A snap-ring gasket is installed flatly on the cam, with the camshaft passing through its middle. The cam and the mounting plate are secured together with locking pins. A handle is mounted on the side of the cam. The Bandlock Closure is designed to fit the launch plate and is situated above the head cover.

In the case of a plug-type quick-opening blind plate, it opens the head cover structure of the blind plate. The head cover is installed beneath the mandrel through the gland. The mandrel is also connected to the rotating arm head cover via a pin. The rotating arm headgear is welded to the small end of the rotating arm device’s arc plate. The top of the head cover is connected to the opening device through the base.

Bandlock Closures are pressure-retaining structures designed for easy access to pipelines and pressure vessels; they are crucial for providing safe and rapid access. These closures are designed to comply with all necessary international design codes and can be utilized in horizontal, vertical, inclined, or declined configurations. Depending on client requirements, we offer Clamp, Bayonet, and Ring lock Closures.

Bandlock Closure

Bandlock Closure Technical Indicators

  • Nominal Diameter DN: <1800mm
  • Design pressure PN: ≤40 MPa
  • Working Medium: oil, gas, water
  • Design Temperature: -50℃~300℃
  • Material: 16Mn,A350LF2, A105, SS304, SS316, F51, F53, F55, INCONEL625, HASTELLOY C(Other materials can be chosen according to customer needs.)
  • Pipe Thickness: 6mm~100mm (Other thicknesses can be customized, please contact us)
Bandlock Closure Characteristics
Design Pressure
Corrosion Allowance
Seismic Fortification Intensity
7 Degrees
Work Medium
Oil, Natural gas, water, ore pulp, etc.
Opening Time
Within 60s less than 200N
Opening Type
Vertical or Horizontal

The Bandlock Closure operates on the circular openings of pressure pipes or pressure vessels, functioning as a mechanical device that enables swift opening or closing. It typically comprises a cylinder flange, a head cover, a hook ring or clamp, a sealing ring, a safety interlocking mechanism, an opening and closing mechanism, a rotating arm, and a pup joint when necessary.

Bandlock Closure

Working Safety Instructions

  1. First and foremost, any operation of the Quick Closure must adhere to operation permit management protocols. Before initiating the operation, the team must secure a “Blind Plate Plugging Safety Operation Certificate”.
  2. Second, all personnel involved in the extraction and plugging of blind plates must undergo comprehensive safety education and specialized safety training, and they must successfully pass the necessary assessments.
  3. Preparatory measures should include the production workshop creating a detailed map indicating the locations of blind plates. Each blind plate should be uniformly numbered, with a dedicated individual assigned to manage it. All operations involving the extraction and plugging of blind plates should strictly follow this map.
  4. Additionally, operators should assess the on-site working environment for potential hazards and develop appropriate safety measures in response to these risks.
  5. Specialized personnel should be appointed to supervise the plugging operation at the quick-opening blind plate factory. Under no circumstances should these supervisors leave the work site during operation.
  6. When conducting blind plate plugging operations in areas identified as complex or dangerous, Bandlock Closure factories must develop and implement specific emergency plans.
  7. Lastly, during the pumping and plugging operations of pipelines and equipment containing toxic media, it is essential to minimize system pressure to the lowest feasible level. All workers should be equipped with appropriate protective gear.

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Our Promise

We have a big collection of fast-closing covers, each made to fit different needs. To show how good we are, we can give you some samples to check out. We always answer quickly when you need help. We are proud that we can send out goods faster than anyone else. And our online help is open all the time, every day, so we’re always ready to help you.

Packing and Sending

We use plywood case for packing because it has lots of good points. It is light but strong and it keeps heat in. Plus, it doesn’t get bent out of shape. Best of all, we don’t need to spray it to kill bugs, so it’s easier for us and you.

Moving Goods

If we need to send things by air, we work with many fast delivery companies, so we can help you pick a company that doesn’t charge too much. If we send things by sea, we are lucky to be close to Dalian Port in Shenyang. Being so close means we don’t spend much time or money moving things to the port, so it’s a quick and cheap way for us to send our products to you.


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